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Shamanic Journey for the 12s: Healing after the Game

Of course I felt our loss deeply—particularly poignant in the last moments of the game where victory seemed assured one moment and gone the next. But any personal sadness I might have felt was quickly submerged beneath the emotional storms that followed. My biggest concern was for the team, the city of Seattle and the fans who were hurting. What could I offer? I received the guidance that I should set up a free telecall that will include a shamanic journey for guidance and healing. Experience the wisdom of the animal spirits and embrace their strengths as they teach us how to expand our potential for greater spiritual growth.
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Manitou and the Shamanic Photoshoot

It was a hot summer day and the sun was strong. The opened umbrella cast the perfect shadow over the shamanic still life, and to my dismay Manitou stepped up on the garden bench and sat down with an expression of complete contentment. As far as he was concerned I had just supplied him with the perfect shade from the heat of the sun. I fully intended to shoo Manitou away, but for some reason I kept on taking pictures.
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Experience the Oneness of Reiki with a Level 1 Class

Beyond the numerous benefits my animals and I have received, I am also grateful for the amazing experiences I have had when offering the healing energy of Reiki to others. There is one in particular that can occur—especially when sharing the healing energy of Reiki with an animal—a sense of deep connection. A connection that transcends words.
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