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All My Relations Puzzle

Solve the puzzle to reveal an inspirational quote at end!

A fun way to reflect on connections with All Our Relations through Reiki, shamanism and animal communication. New ReikiShamanic puzzle every Friday!

Please note: this puzzle may not fully work on devices other than laptops and iPads.


Garter Snake Friend Tastes the Air

Our group was traveling in ceremony in Yellowstone National Park, collecting the prayers of the wildlife. We follow the guidance of our spirit allies on when to stop and how long to stay, and that has resulted in some truly amazing moments.

We had stopped a few hundred yards upstream where we were blessed to witness twin elk calves and their lovely encounter with a family of mallard ducks (see Elk Youngster Visits with Mallard Duck Family).

Shortly after the elk calves were joined by the mother, a pair of moose stepped into the river to our left. A moose sighting in Yellowstone is very, very rare (see Mama Moose and Yearling Son).

After the moose moved on, walking back along the bank we encountered a large Northwestern garter snake making his way through the underbrush. Crouching down, I greeted him, and he greeted me back with a flick of his tongue. I told him how gorgeous he was, and asked permission to follow him along his way and take more photos, which he granted. He was wonderful, allowing me to track his every move, all the time clicking away with my camera.

What a day with All Our Relations!

Photo: ©Rose De Dan. All Rights Reserved.

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Rose offers Reiki to donkey Chip, ©Annie Marie Musselman

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