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Holistic Cat and Dog Foods

These links to natural pet food manufacturers and retail stores are designed to offer quality holistic food and supplement options for your dog or cat.

Pet food that is made from the highest quality protein sources with no chemicals, additives, or preservatives is VERY important to your pet’s health. The money you spend now on holistic pet food supports better quality of life as your animal companion ages (and can help save on vet bills).

Excellent nutrition is the foundation that supports the work that I do with animals in my healing practice. For more information see my article Why feeding natural foods to your dog or cat is best.

Nutrition for Cats and Dogs

What You Need to Know About Your Pet’s Food Nutrition is the foundation of good health for our animal companions. Diet is the most important component of your pet’s health care.

What’s Really in Pet Food Report from Born Free USA covers what is contained in pet foods, how to make an informed decision for your pet’s health, and further reading lists. This is information a caring owner cannot afford to ignore–your pet’s health is depending on it.

Pet Food: A Dog’s Breakfast Hard-hitting documentary was removed from YouTube and pulled from mainstream TV because it revealed what really goes on in the commercial pet food industry.

Blindsided: Farewell Natura Pet Foods, Hello Corporate Bottom Line? The growth in demand for foods with healthy ingredients has resulted in more manufacturers, and more choices. Unfortunately, the level of demand has caught the attention of the big pet food companies, and some trusted foods are no longer what they used to be.

Pet Food Regulation: Who’s in Charge? An excellent article by holistic veterinarian and pet food expert Jean Hofve, DVM.

Seattle Area Holistic Pet Food Stores

Mud Bay Granary Stores Mud Bay Granary has been helping dogs and cats stay healthy since 1988. Many locations to serve you in the Greater Seattle area.

The Natural Pet Pantry All natural, organic and custom designed canine and feline cuisine. Cooked or raw. Located in the Greater Seattle area, they will work with you to design a diet suited to your pet’s particular dietary needs due to illness (cancer), allergy, etc. They also offer a general line of excellent foods for every dog or cat.

Next to Nature One of the best natural pet food stores around for everything for your companion with very helpful staff who take great pride in their work and are quite knowledgeable. Oh, and there is a mural of my feline friend Claudia (now in spirit) painted on the rear entrance of the West Seattle location. As a calico she already had a larger than life form and personality, now she has the artwork to back it up!

Pet Elements Store, West Seattle Voted “Best Place to Take Your Dog Shopping” by Seattle Magazine, Pet Elements is located near the Morgan Junction, and offers all things funky, nutritious and fun for dogs, cats, and the people who love them.

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