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Animal Session Testimonials

Reiki Class Testimonials | Shamanic Class Testimonials

Welcome to our testimonials page! If you have a Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing session experience you’d like to share, please send an email and don’t forget to include your name and location. Thank you!

“Bootswami is doing so well, it feels like a miracle.”

Bootswami is doing so well, it feels like a miracle. I am so grateful. Before we started working with you, she could barely eat a couple tablespoons of food per day. She had been rapidly losing weight and was 5.3 lbs, dehydrated, frequently biting and scratching me, lethargic, and just clearly not feeling good. I had to give her fluids every 2 days. I didn’t think she would make it to the end of the year.

Today she is honestly better than she has been in YEARS. She has a hearty appetite and is up to 8.6 pounds, which is her ideal weight! I was able to stop doing sub q fluids – she’s drinking enough water to stay hydrated in her own. She is playful, back to chasing ping pong balls around the house and running around. I just bought her a tunnel, which she loves. 🙂 Thanks for all you do!

UPDATE: Bootswami was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease a year ago, when she was 15 years old. She was so sick, and the vet painted a pretty bleak picture. I thought we’d only have a couple months at most. But seriously once we started reiki she got better each month and here we are a year later – she is eating well, hydrated, cuddly, and playful. Living her best life.

Liz Johnson, ME

“Thank you so very much for helping us during this very difficult time…”

Our Clover girl crossed the rainbow bridge last week. We had a beautiful last few days as a family and your session with us was so lovely. My husband Jason was so glad he joined the call and we both felt peace after the session. Near the end of the session, Clover was sitting at the bottom of the bed and turned to look at us with the sweetest most peaceful eyes. She hadn’t made eye contact like that for a while. Then after the call that evening there was a gorgeous sunset and we walked outside to see a huge rainbow over our home and we just had such an amazing feeling knowing it was for her.

On her last day she got to sit in her favorite window with the sun shining on her and the fresh air. The goodbye was beautiful and we honored our girl with a special playlist, her favorite toys and our favorite crystals as we held her goodbye. We kept a rose quartz crystal that stayed with her and us now with her ashes.

Thank you so very much for helping us during this very difficult time and for all you gave to Clover. I appreciate it so dearly.

All our love & gratitude, Melissa & Jason Miller 🍀🌹🐾🌈🖤🤍🖤🤍

“We are so thankful to have Rose helping Tucker to be in a healthier place physically and mentally.”

Rose has been a godsend for Tucker. She has helped him immensely with his IBD & has helped us get Tucker to a place where he is more comfortable and has a lot more good days and much more energy. And as an extra bonus he is noticeably more calm and balanced in general since she has started treating him. We are so thankful to have Rose helping Tucker to be in a healthier place physically and mentally. After his sessions with Rose he always seems so peaceful and content. Thank you, Rose, for being a part of Tucker’s well-being and getting him on track to being a happy, energetic boy again!—Andrea Dixon, Seattle, WA

UPDATE March 2023: Thanks so much for keeping Tucker chugging along and doing so well at such an advanced age. He will be 15 on May 1st! I can’t believe it! Thanks in part of course to all your love and hard work EVERY week!! Thank you Rose!! Tucker sends sloppy kisses😘😘😘 —Andrea Dixon, Seattle, WA

“Masi seems to get younger every week…”

Masi seems to get younger every week with the supportive work you do. He’s engaging, frisky, and very active. I truly appreciate you.

Evan E., MT

“The regular ReikiShamanic sessions with Rose allowed Duchess, my beloved cat to live the later years of her life in comfort and ease.”

Reiki has done wonders with my cat Duchess. Duchess was around 15 when she started slowing down and was later diagnosed with arthritis and bone degeneration. Rose started regular periodic sessions with Duchess. And despite her aging challenges, Duchess lived joyfully and happily – she went around walking and occasionally chasing the younger cat with gusto. Looking at her it was almost impossible to know that she was aging. She was happy and after each session she would seem so much calmer and more peaceful. Duchess developed a strong bond with Rose as well. I was in Reiki class with Rose, and whenever Duchess heard her voice, she would come running into the room and start purring. When her time came, she was diagnosed with cancer and did not have much time left. The vet predicted 2 weeks of painful life. She lived for 2 more months in comfort and dignity – spending her last days watching the world in peace, receiving lots of healing work from Rose and according to Duchess she was not in pain. She was soaking in every precious moment of her last days thanks to all the sessions she had with Rose.

This is the second time Rose worked miracles with my cats – my first meeting with Rose was over my previous cat Amadeus – who too had a similar story to share. My cats (the ones in spirit and the ones here with me) remain indebted to Rose for this gift of healing.

Indrani Das, India

“…regular and additional pre/post op sessions have enabled her to recover and heal so quickly…”

Gigi is doing very well – by end of the day after her surgery she was her old self. It’s no coincidence that her regular and additional pre/post op sessions have enabled her to recover and heal so quickly from each of the past year and half of surgeries, even with old dog dementia!

Shannon Garman, WA

“I don’t know what Rose told Karin or did for her energetically but she is a changed cat.”

I’ve been working with Rose De Dan for quite a few years now (like, 10 or so). Every time I interact with her I am impressed by her professionalism and her connection to and compassion for all the world’s beings. I believe she is the perfect complement to veterinary medicine. She has helped our cats through a number of issues, including merging two 4-cat households. The merger was very successful: all cats were doing well after only a couple weeks.

Most recently Rose has worked with our Karin. Karin is a beautiful, 14-year-old semi-feral cat who is deeply opposed to being touched. When she started looking unkempt and eating more than any other 2 cats combined, the veterinarian diagnosed hyperthyroidism and prescribed methimazole. This medication worked well for about a year, then it was obvious that the dosage needed adjustment or a different medication was needed.

We decided to get Karin the radioactive iodine treatment that will cure her hyperthyroidism. Knowing that this treatment would involve many handlings by several strangers, I asked Rose to work with Karin to help her understand what was going to happen and to bolster her emotionally.

I don’t know what Rose told Karin or did for her energetically but she is a changed cat. My friend says Karin has found her “inner kitten”. She plays longer and more intensely than ever before. She is markedly less skittish around us humans (still no petting—yet). She seems braver, less easily spooked, more comfortable around, well, everything. I completely believe that Rose De Dan has some cat chromosomes.

I feel like Karin may be on the verge of letting me pet her, or of sitting on the arm of my chair (while I’m in it). She is so very much more confident, more relaxed in her skin. She’s having more fun being alive. And I think these changes are your fault, Rose. Thank you.

Barbara Baugh, WA

“Regular energy sessions re-energized my 15 year-old dog. He is now enthusiastic about walks and life in general.”

My 15 year-old dog Jake was aging visibly and rapidly. He seemed dazed and confused much of the time and had become increasingly agitated and anxious.

Beginning February 2013, regular distance energy healing sessions with Rose helped a lot. Jake is now enjoying spurts of perkiness and energy intermingled with hours and hours of sleep and relaxation. He is enthusiastic about walks and life in general these days!

December 2013 update
This has been the year of Jake-Camping – getting in as many trips as possible for the ol’ guy – and he bounds about with energy and enthusiasm. He’s just blowing my mind, Rose! He truly IS the Energizer Bunny—just keeps and going and going… Thank you!

Martha Johnson, Kenmore, WA

Note: Photo was taken on June 1, 2013 as Jake set off on a three-hour hike with his person. You go, Jake!

“Gypsy, my 22 year-old cat, acted 10 years younger after her first phone session.”

I am truly a believer in distance healing now (I was mostly on board but there’s always that tiny skeptic, now I am so certain of it!).

We are all amazed at Gypsy these days, she’s like a new cat! Gypsy was so peaceful after her session that I skipped her pain med that night and she slept well. The next morning was most remarkable, she was behaving 10 years younger! She found a marble and was playing with it, something she hasn’t done in years! She got into her catnip stash and self medicated 😉 She seems really happy, she loves Reiki!

I didn’t realize how bad the past traumatic stress disorder must have affected her (after the break-in). Something I had not noticed was she had not entered the family room where the robbers had broken a window to get in. She mostly hangs out in her heated little cat bed in our bedroom so I didn’t think anything of it. The day after her treatment she came and sat on the couch next to the window (we have a brand new window) she kept looking at the window, I swear it was like she was processing it! She spends much more time in this room now & she seems more secure. She has been more outgoing since the treatment, venturing into the garden and visiting with people when they come over.

I can’t believe anyone would think animals don’t have feelings. This healing has really shown me how deeply animals can be affected by the same emotions we have, stress, fear, etc. So much gratitude! I found you just when Gypsy needed you, love that!

—Terri Sandusky, Seattle, WA

“So grateful Aspen is more like himself again.”

After my hospital stay, my dog Aspen was struggling. Low energy, off his food, confused about regular routines like going out at night, wobbling, walking slowly, withdrawn, worrying a hotspot for weeks, not wanting to jump across a little ravine in his dog run.

We had two sessions with Rose De Dan. She checked in with him energetically and through animal communication to learn the extent of his fear and confusion while I was away and in pain. She helped him get back in his body, got his chakras working again, and worked some pain out of his body.

Since those sessions his energy is so much better, he is running again, jumping the ravine with ease, not as confused about our regular routines, engaged, excited, more agile, and eating well. So grateful he is more like himself again.

Rose also helped us resolve some abandonment issues that flared up after the hospital stay. I took a business trip late last month, and he did well. He missed me, but he continued eating and living life normally throughout my trip.

Carol McClelland Fields, OR

“Both dogs were more playful and active after Rose’s work.”

“Since I am a mostly retired holistic veterinarian, my two elder dogs, Rose and Cisco, enjoy lots of healthy perks: homemade food, manual therapy, massage, Chinese herbs, and acupuncture, along with lots of walks and pampering! Several months ago though I noticed that they were playing less and having more aches and pains. I decided to ask Rose De Dan to work with them, without changing anything else in their routines, to see what effects her sessions might have. My husband Phil and I were both very impressed! Both dogs were more playful and active after Rose’s work. For example, Cisco’s rear legs became stronger and he developed improved range of motion in his hips, while Rose’s forelimb lameness after long walks was much reduced. We were so impressed with the dogs’ responses that they continue to have sessions with Rose on a regular basis. I know that Rose’s sessions definitely improve their quality of life.”

Carla Salido, Eugene, OR

“I know that Catalina would not have lived as long as she did in the caliber and quality of life that she had if it were not for sessions with Rose.”

What can we say to express our deep gratitude for the healing work and communication Rose has done with our dear girl, Catalina?

Catalina passed on February 10, 2019 at the age of 22 1/2 years. She got sick in June of 2018 when we were in Maine for our daughter’s wedding. Our pet sitter took her to the vets and it did not turn out to be a good experience for her (Rose told us she never wanted to go back to the vets again).

When we got back, I got in contact with Rose and her quality of life soared. We started out with weekly treatments which showed incredible results. I could always tell when Catalina had a session, she would come and join us wherever we were and her balance and strength was noticeably better. Throughout this whole time you could see the wisdom, peace, and contentment that she possessed and we knew she was enjoying her golden years now.

The last 2-3 months of her life we noticed that 1X a week wasn’t holding up so we increased her sessions to 2X a week. This past week we were visiting our daughter in Australia and got a call that Catalina was not doing well and the sitter thought we should put her down. I knew I had to get in touch with Rose, and if it was meant to be she would be able to have a communication session with Catalina before I had to make a decision. Rose was so accommodating, and set us up to talk within the hour.

Rose did healing work on Catalina, found out where she was in her transition process, set up the light bridge for her when she needed, because Catalina was adamant that she was not ready to transition yet, she wanted to wait until we got home and that she loved us. Though Rose said we don’t always get to choose the time when we leave this plane, it still gave us peace and comfort knowing that we had things set up for Catalina.

We left Australia the next night and unfortunately Catalina passed peacefully that evening before we got home. I know that Catalina would not have lived as long as she did in the caliber and quality of life that she had if it were not for Rose. I will be forever grateful for the heartfelt work that she did for us. She is a beautiful and talented soul and I am honored to have gotten to know her through her work with Catalina.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin…..I honor you in this circle of life with me today, I am grateful for this opportunity to acknowledge you 🙏🏻

With love and gratitude,
Tammy, Chris, Aundrea, Taylor, and our girl Catalina, CA

“I am convinced that the work Rose does is a key to Dahlia’s continued quality of life and ongoing good health (therefore mine too!).”

I first started working with Rose in December 2011, ten months after I had gotten a new, sweet, sweet Tortoiseshell/Calico kitten I named Dahlia.

In August of 2011 Dahlie had suddenly started urinating on one particular piece of furniture. The frequency increased over time and the behavior continued until December. Of course I had taken her to the vet immediately to check her health and rule out a medical condition as the underlying cause. When that was not the case, I was at a complete loss on what was behind her sudden behavior of urinating outside of the litter box.

I luckily remembered an acquaintance had told me about an incredible story of how Rose had helped her solve a very unique issue she was having with her cat. I made an appointment with Rose and we had a phone session on a Friday evening, I learned a great deal about what was going on for Dahlia, and myself.

On the following day in the morning, Dahlie peed one more time on that piece of furniture and never ever did it again! It was done. And we lived happily ever after…until 2017/2018, when Dahlie was diagnosed with allergies to just about everything inside and outside of the house. I once again called on Rose for assistance.

Rose is an integral part of Team Dahlie, along with Kathleen Paulson at Cascade Heights Veterinary. I am convinced that the work Rose does is a key to Dahlia’s continued quality of life and ongoing good health (therefore mine too!).

I have also had sessions with Rose and taken Reiki classes Level 1 and 2 and several other of her classes. I feel so incredibly lucky to have Rose as resource and I have learned a great deal working with her!

Maryann Petrocelli, WA

“The difference in the quality of Tank’s remaining time with us has been wonderful to witness. We are treasuring every extra moment we have with him…thanks to Rose.”

When Tank, our 13-year old orange male tabby, was diagnosed with renal disease and kidney failure in December 2012 my family was devastated. We had never utilized Rose’s unique talents with our animals before, but we thought now was a good time.

When we first contacted Rose in January Tank was seriously ill. He had lost weight, had lost interest in food, and was drinking very little water. He was not interacting as much with us anymore due to the pain and fatigue he was experiencing from his illness. We were watching him slip away.

Tank also has issues with irritable bowel syndrome and he was having quite a difficult time with gut pain, especially after using the litter box. He would literally crawl until he could position himself in a way that would help alleviate his pain. We could no longer count on cortisone shots to help this condition as it would be too hard on his kidneys.

When Rose began her weekly distance healing sessions with him, it was amazing to watch his progress and we saw visible improvement in his energy levels, and the beautiful clarity and color returned to his eyes!

Tank’s health seemed to be improving each week and we found it was not necessary to hydrate him on a daily basis. That made us all happy, especially Tank!

One day, six months after beginning sessions with Rose, we observed that Tank was so full of energy he couldn’t stop moving around! He was playing like a kitten! We watched him chase bugs, roll back and forth from his back to his tummy, and he was pouncing on his favorite catnip cigar! Behaviors that we had not seen him do in a long time. We were cracking up. It was like watching a one-cat comedy show! It was only later that we learned that he was exhibiting that behavior right after Rose had completed his weekly session. Wow, was that fun to watch!

It’s hard to explain, but one of the biggest things that our family has observed since the beginning of Tank’s sessions with Rose (besides his physical improvement), is how much more in-tune we have become as a family with all three of our cats. There is bonding and communication on a whole new level. Saying that it is “awesome” barely covers what has transpired.

We still find the whole experience amazing. The difference in the quality of Tank’s remaining time with us has been wonderful to witness. We are treasuring every extra moment we have with him…thanks to Rose.

Rose is a blessing and a true healer.

The Thompson Family, Seattle, WA

“Thank you Rose for being there for us when we needed you the most.”

I met Rose when my Border Collie, Bunny, was suffering from Irritable Bowel Disease. She had been diagnosed a year and a half before and was very sick. She had seen several vets, specialists, and had every test, treatment and specialized diet possible but nothing seemed to help. We began weekly distance healing sessions and continued them for six months.

During that time Bunny continued to lose weight because she just couldn’t absorb the nutrients from any food but her spirits lifted and she had a will to fight until the very end of her time with us. I’m positive that without these sessions we would have lost her much sooner. Rose did wonderful work balancing her energies and sending healing to our situation. When her weight got so low and her body just couldn’t maintain her anymore we knew the time had come to say goodbye. I told Rose I couldn’t proceed until I knew that Bunny understood what would happen and was ready to move to spirit. Once again she talked to Bunny, explaining how the procedure would work and letting her know again how much we loved her and would miss her.

I knew how difficult it would be that day so I spoke to Rose that morning and had a session with her. She worked with me and Bunny, and helped me work through all my fears and anxieties of letting Bunny go. When Bunny passed I was amazed at how calm and peaceful the transition was. I felt in control of my emotions and knew that all would be ok.

I can’t thank Rose enough for all her support and understanding during those difficult six months. She was always there when we needed her. Her professionalism and compassion made our last months with Bunny very special. I honestly don’t think I could have gotten through this time without Rose by our side. Bunny and I grew even closer and developed a deeper bond with the help of Rose and her Reiki and shamanic healing. I’ve learned that healing doesn’t always mean a physical healing. It can mean a healing of your heart and soul. Bunny was my best friend and I miss her deeply everyday. I know that her last days with us were filled with love and gratitude. Thank you Rose for being there for us when we needed you the most.

Sincerely, Debbie and Bunny, Snohomish, WA

“We are deeply grateful to Rose and she will remain an important consultant in the ongoing care of our furry family members.”

I contacted Rose shortly after we rescued Maxwell, a senior cat who had been abandoned. Rail thin, suffering from a parasitic infection and shedding hair and dandruff like mad, his eyes were dull and nearly closed most of the time as he spent many hours curled up on his bed.

After an initial clearing and balancing session, we did four mini sessions, and followed many of Rose’s suggestions. Physically, he was transformed into a bright-eyed, glossy-coated panther who regained his appetite, strength and a desire to play.

With the change in his health came a change in his energy, which unsettled our two resident cats. Max was being aggressive as he tried to claim his place in the house, which stressed us all considerably. Rose worked with the cats and with me, and we are seeing continued progress with their interactions.

While it’s not a love-fest yet, Max has mellowed considerably, and the girls are beginning to relax a bit. They can now eat and play in each other’s company for increasingly longer periods without incident, and I feel much more grounded, composed and able to hold space for their integration.

We are all still finding our way together, but Rose and her support – energetic, informational, experiential and emotional – have been essential during this transitional time. We are deeply grateful to her and she will remain an important consultant in the ongoing care of our furry family members. Thank you, Rose!

Kristin Flyntz, CT

“I want to offer my immense gratitude for your help with my kitty Maddy’s transition.”

I want to offer my immense gratitude for your help with my kitty Maddy’s transition. We had the most serene euthanasia I’ve ever witnessed. She came out of the carrier and nestled right in my arms just like she said she wanted to do and I was with her through the whole process as she calmly navigated her transition.

Your reiki and communication session with her completely transformed mine and my family’s experience of her passing, and needless to say, transformed Maddy’s experience of it as well. I could see and feel that just by being near her in her final days. So thank you so much for all of that.

Sarah Connor, Seattle, WA

“Because of her help, I feel confident that Darby has quite a bit more time to spend with our family and I am so grateful!”

I did a session with Rose for my cat, Darby. He was having some health problems, specifically with his thyroid, so I was looking for some insight on how he was feeling so that I could decide whether to pursue more in-depth treatment than the medicine that he was on (which didn’t really seem to be working.) Rose was able to tune in to Darby’s energy to identify that, in fact, he was feeling “yucky” (that’s the exact word came up!) but was still hanging in there and not ready to leave the earth just yet. Because of this, I felt more comfortable investing in additional, more permanent treatment for his thyroid (if he was suffering I didn’t want to put him through additional stress). She was able to look at his energy and clear out some of the stuff that was holding him back. Rose also gave me some great tips on how to make him feel better in general. He definitely perked up after the session and I really think it made his appointment away from home for thyroid treatment a lot less stressful. Because of her help, I feel confident that Darby has quite a bit more time to spend with our family and I am so grateful!

Stacy Erickson, Seattle

“I just wanted to thank you for the support you gave to Vesta, and to me, in the last months of her life.”

Knowing Vesta was getting a weekly session of distance healing with you was a comfort to me, and I am sure a help to her.

I was helped, too, by our session after Vesta’s passing—both connecting with her and the clearing work for me.

With appreciation and gratitude, Linda P., Seattle

“Chunky healed from…the natural, direct effect of the quality of care, attention, Love, integrity and gift of healing – that Rose both “IS” and shares forth.”

Although we have not met Rose in person, all my dogs (the crew) and I have had the privilege of her healing. Here are stories about two of the crew.

When Rose first began working on Chunky, he could not lift his body to stand up, let alone walk. We needed to lift him up, just to walk outside to pee and poop. It was heartbreaking, and we feared he would never walk again.

When I first contacted Rose and asked if she felt Chunky would ever walk again, Rose said, “I really don’t know. We’ll do our best.” Now, several months later, Chunky is running to the door to greet me!

We did as Rose recommended on a physical level, and also Chunky “met” with Rose each week for his 15-minute distance session. Time was certainly not of the essence during these sessions, nor was direct physical contact. I don’t feel that Chunky healed from magic or miracles – it was the natural, direct effect of the quality of care, attention, Love, integrity and gift of healing – that Rose both “IS” and shares forth.

Maya Belle is our precious, sensitive, healer dog. While running free in the Rockies, she pulled her cruciate ligament, and we suspect it eventually tore. We scheduled her for corrective surgery.

Post surgery, she received weekly sessions from Rose. On each follow up session, at 2 weeks and 2 months, our surgeon was impressed by how well Maya was healing, and placing pressure on her left leg. He said it was rare for him to see so much progress within a short period of time.

We firmly feel Rose’s sessions have been an essential part of the healing of Maya’s knee and the equilibrium in her spirit. Given her free, independent spirit, it hasn’t been easy to slow her down!

Thank You, Rose.

Rebecca Mahboubi, Beverly Hills, CA

“Rose is a true gift for all creatures great and small, and I could not recommend her more highly.”

I contacted Rose to seek help for my dog’s fear/aggression. In short order, my work with Rose on behalf of my dog revealed to me clearly what I had already believed but did not fully understand, that my dog was my mirror. I soon began working with Rose for myself as well.

My own deepest fears around not feeling safe/holding boundaries/exerting authority started revealing themselves in a way I had not previously been aware of, and I was able to see the connection with my dog’s own fear and need to protect me as well as my difficulties in getting him to listen to me.

Rose is an extremely compassionate and gifted healer. She has the highest integrity. The clarity and lack of ego she exhibits in working with Spirit are rare. Through my work with her, I have felt enormous shifts. Burdens I was not even aware of were lifted. My dog’s behavior has begun to change as I have started feeling more grounded and secure.

Rose’s work is a wonderful complement to therapy; even issues that have been thoroughly processed in therapy can leave an energetic imprint, and her work helps to remove it. She is a true gift for all creatures great and small, and I could not recommend her more highly.

Client, New York

“Thank you so much for taking us into your care.”

We have seen a great improvement with Winston, he is more animated, his activity level has increased, and he seems happier. We have been reading the links you provided and they have been informative and enlightening. Thank you so much for taking us into your care.

Deb and John Younger, Newcastle, WA

“The distance session really helped Dingo, she is much more comfortable.”

Dingo was really feeling great after her distance session, walked more than she has in awhile. She is much less sensitive to touch on her back above her hips, so that clearing really helped. She is doing well. Thank you for the great recommendations.

Jeri Costa, Marysville, WA

“Of all the animal communicators I have had sessions with I felt that you really wanted to help and cared on a personal level.”

My cat [who had not been eating] started eating after our session. I felt so relieved when he went for his food. I think he is definitely feeling better than he did. Thanks again for the wonderful session. I have to say that of all the animal communicators I have had sessions with, I really liked yours the best; I felt that you really wanted to help and cared on a personal level.

A client from Bellevue, WA

“One session with Rose is worth three sessions with most others.”

I cannot say enough good things about Rose, who has done healing sessions with me and with my cats for issues physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual. A healer’s healer of vast experiential wisdom, Rose is a warm person with excellent listening skills who can track issues to their source and then, thanks to her ongoing dialogue with Spirit, can do exactly what’s best for that client at that time.

Whether in-office or at a distance, her work has effected powerful results on every occasion for me and for my animals. After each session, I’ve thought to myself, Wow, one session with Rose is worth three sessions with most others; so her work is quite a bargain, *and* my animals get well faster. Unsure who to see? Book someone extraordinary at the outset: Rose De Dan.

Leslie Morris Britt, Everett, WA

“I can’t believe how drastically things changed after that session on Tuesday.”

Thank you so much for your session with Mr. Hobbes, Crystal and Tink Tuesday of last week. Ever since the session, Mr. Hobbes has been more at ease and has remained integrated with the others upstairs. Tink and he have had a few minor moments, but otherwise all seems to be pretty well with the 3 of them.

I can’t believe how drastically things changed after that session on Tuesday. I have not witnessed any spraying activity from Mr. Hobbes. He has even been allowed by the other cats to sleep on our bed with us. Thank you so very much for your help in easing his pain and angst and in bringing peace to our family.

Tina Marohn, Edmonds, WA

“I will never forget my sweet Casey Girl and I thank Rose for everything she did…”

We received Casey October 19, 2006 less than 3 months before she would turn 9. In July of 2010, I really began to notice it was getting harder for Casey to walk on her back legs which happens with the German shepherd breed. I turned to more holistic ways and after trying a couple of different ways which did help; I believe I was guided to Rose and found her through the Internet.

It was a couple weeks after Casey turned 13 that Casey & I spoke with Rose. I asked Rose to see what Casey wanted to do and Casey was willing to give the sessions with Rose a try. For awhile I could see Casey was stronger. During the sessions with Rose, Casey & I became closer on another level.

Towards the end of May, Casey told Rose she was ready to leave her body, although Rose was not to tell me. When Rose said that Casey did not seem to be as strong at the end of the one session, I knew it was time for her to leave her body. Rose, Casey & I talked about making the arrangements to let her out of her body, and on Friday, May 27, 2011 Casey left her body.

A couple of days later, Rose, Casey & I talked again. That session helped me with my grieving tremendously because Casey said she was happy to be out of her body. She was able to be with me when she wanted to, she could run, fly, just do whatever she wanted too..she was FREE. I will never forget my sweet Casey Girl and I thank Rose for everything she did for Casey and helping me through the process of letting Casey out of her body.

Rebecca Neitzel, Beaver Dam, WI

“Our family is incredibly grateful.”

Chloe is improving/recovering daily. If someone had told me a week ago that Chloe would make the progress she has in such a short time…I wouldn’t of believed them.

Our family is incredibly grateful and over the moon by the progress she has made. Thank you for the support and contributing to her recovery.

Megan Hubler and Chloe, Renton, WA


“Tigger is an old man now, but I know with Rose’s help, we will deal with this in the best, kindest manner possible and I will know he had a good end of life with all of our support.”

I met Rose several years ago, first at a Despacho ceremony, and then a bit later in very sad circumstances. My then boyfriend’s (now husband) cat Orion had been diagnosed with terminal FIP.

Orion was deteriorating quickly and both Eric and I had no idea how to comfort him. We had been informed by the Pet Hospital that we should be saying our goodbyes. Eric then recalled that Rose had worked with animals and thought that perhaps we should give her a try.

She quickly made herself available in this crisis situation and worked with Orion. While she was doing a session for him over the phone, we saw him quite visibly perk up before our very eyes, but she warned us that he wouldn’t last much longer and to say our goodbyes quickly while he was able to interact with us.

It was just as she said, we got our goodbyes in and then we had to take him to the hospital within hours. It was one of the hardest things either of us has had to do, to let your best friend go so he wouldn’t suffer any longer. He passed within seconds, it was clear he had been ready.

A couple of years had gone by when suddenly our cat Tigger started getting sick. Within two weeks he lost a considerable amount of weight and we were taking him in to the vet to find out what was wrong.

We were shocked to find out he had been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer of the intestine. There was clear evidence in the ultrasounds. My heart was breaking; Tigger had been my long time companion of 15 years. I didn’t know how I was going to handle this; the vet started talking about chemotherapy, and they said the cancer would kill him in two weeks if we didn’t start treatment right away.

Stunned and not knowing what to do, I turned to Eric, who reminded me immediately of the impact that Rose had had on Orion on his last day. Rose again understood the urgency of our request and got on the phone within a day and was there for us. I frankly don’t know what I would have done without her. She comforted both of us.

She let me know that Tigger wasn’t ready to move on yet and he wanted to fight for a while and said although he wasn’t feeling his best, with our help he was ready to go.

Tigger started on his chemo but there were concerns that the meds where being too hard on his system, so we engaged with Rose again. This time we set up weekly appointments so that she could help us understand what was going on with him. As time passed Tigger showed constant signs of improvement and regained most of his weight.

With Rose monitoring him we worked out a chemo schedule that works for him, without taking too much out of him. The vet hospital we were taking Tigger to was also hard on him—we were forced to leave him there for 8 hours or more each time and the signs of trauma were starting to add up. Rose directed us to Dr. Sodhi in Lynnwood. Tigger had been deemed a “wild animal” by the other clinic, but amazingly enough he seemed happy to be with Doctor Sohdi. He actually slept on the table while they performed acupuncture.

Recently we have seen that all of the meds and Tigger’s age are taking their toll. Rose stepped in again and understood that he was having problems with his back legs, so she did some extensive work with him and cleared him out. He had stopped jumping onto furniture like the couch or bed, but after the treatment he surprised me by showing up to sleep with me, I almost cried knowing that Rose’s work was having such a great impact on him.

I of course fear for Tigger’s end of life, he is an old man now and I am not sure how much longer he will last, but I know with Rose’s help, we will deal with this in the best, kindest manner possible for Tigger and I will know he had a good end of life with all of our support.

—Samantha Sieverling, Lynnwood, WA


“My main concern about having the session was obvious—what if it doesn’t work and we spend time for nothing?”

My three year-old sweet English Bulldog, Biggie, has many serious health issues: chronic liver problems, seizure disorder, elongated palate, and food intolerances (allergies).

After spending hundreds of dollars every month on veterinarian care then continuing to watch my dog’s health go downhill as time passed, I decided that the only way he would really get better is with some type of alternative healing method. When I was searching for some classes to learn about Reiki, I found Rose De Dan’s website, and was impressed with her level of knowledge and background, as well as her light-hearted approach.

My main concern about having the session was obvious—what if it doesn’t work and we spend time for nothing?

The results so far are that my dog gets very energetic after each session, he immediately plays more and is more present. Some of his physical symptoms clear up right away too, such as when he has had diarrhea for days before a session. My dog is not miraculously healed, he is still chronically ill, but the work that Rose has been doing with Biggie is definitely improving the quality of perhaps some of his last days with me.

My own sessions have also helped to decrease my fear level, and helped me move into acceptance that Biggie may not be with me long and it’s not up to me, he has a journey of his own, and what is meant to be will be. If and when he is no longer with me, I know in my heart he will be in a good place and that I will be able to let him go knowing that everything is as it should be.

I would highly recommend Rose’s sessions, particularly for those dealing with very chronically ill pets. It can really ease the anxiety, fear, and stress that can come with coping with a pet that is ill on an ongoing basis.

——Sherry Christiansen, Holyoke, MN


“This was the first time in four years that we have gone away on vacation and come home to a completely healthy dog!!”

Thank you for taking such good care of Hobbes while we were on vacation. Your distance healing sessions made a tremendous difference for him. This was the first time in the past four years that we have gone away and come home to a completely healthy dog!! He was calm and happy and ate regularly, according to all reports.

And if that is not enough to be thankful for, the growth he had removed last week was benign. The vet was concerned that it was cancer because it was black in color, hence the surgery. I’m sure your healing sessions made a difference in his lab work – and easy recovery – as well. We are all so grateful to you and to Reiki.

—Cathy M., Sammamish, WA


“My husband and I, having seen the benefits for our animals, have also taken Reiki classes.”

Working with Rose De Dan has been a revolutionary force in the life of my family, which includes me, my husband, and our three cats.

I started seeing Rose when I had then-undiagnosed chronic Lyme disease. The disease was affecting our entire household. I was sick, my husband was caring for me, and our cats were really stressed out.

All of us–humans and animals–have greatly benefited by sessions with Rose. I’ve been able to better understand my feline companions, and we’ve figured out ways of making this difficult time easier on everyone.

My husband and I, having seen the benefits of Reiki, also have taken Reiki classes. I would without hesitation say that the energetic healing this has brought into our lives has been the most helpful component of my healing journey. The applications are far-reaching. Sometimes we use Reiki to address an immediate problem—if I’m too nauseated to eat, for example. Ten minutes of Reiki is often all it takes to have me up and nibbling on dinner! My husband frequently says that he’s so happy to have Reiki, because he can actually do something to help me when I’m ill, instead of just watching me suffer.

Reiki has also been wonderful to address the more macroscopic issues of chronic illness. It’s brought emotional balancing to our lives, and we are able to offer it to our cats as well—thereby greatly decreasing the amount of stress-related behaviors, like spraying. We use Reiki to energetically clean and balance the house, to help us focus on making difficult decisions, and to bring a healing element to everyday actions. In short, we use Reiki all the time, in many facets of our lives. It’s fantastic to have it literally at our fingertips!

—Anna Lesiecki and Family, Seattle, WA


“It’s not so easy to see things when they happen gradually, but I’ve got my puppy back.”

Last year my 14 1/2 year old German shepherd dog was slowly but surely going downhill. No illnesses, she gets regular blood testing done but she lost some weight, had very painful arthritis and was depressed and downcast. She tended to stay away from the family.

Late in the year, she had a seizure; was on the couch but was still and frozen for about 5 minutes or hours. When she could move again we went to the vet who could find no evidence of a heart attack or a stroke.

I had read Rose’s book and blogs and felt her to be a very caring and Gifted Healer. While I had sent and received healing energy in shamanic circles and knew how powerful a help it could be, I was a little skeptical about work over thousands of miles (I live in Georgia). But I felt that if anyone could help, she was the one, and so I scheduled a phone session.

During our initial consultation, Rose asked me for some background information and then worked with Samantha doing scans, clearing blockages and replacing the bad energy with loving and healing energy. I liked that Rose was telling me what was going on and Samantha’s feelings. I could see her responding, but I got insights as well.

Shortly after the call started the other dogs and cats came into the room, found comfortable places, and then were silent and motionless the entire time. My impression was that all of us were surrounded by the warm golden glow of healing energy. I felt in a way all of us had benefited. Afterward Samantha looked very relaxed and comfortable and there—she definitely felt better.

But this is an elderly dog so Rose suggested regular treatments and we have been having these for several months now. The improvements in the arthritis were the first that were noticeable; she started moving more easily and no longer appeared to be in pain. Then I could see an improvement in her coat and she regained some weight. One of the suggestions Rose made was to improve the quality of her diet so now she eats better than I do.

A couple of weeks ago, I took her outside to brush and at that point really looked at her. It’s not so easy to see things when they happen gradually, but I’ve got my puppy back. Her eyes are glowing, she’s alert, can hold her own with the other dogs. She still has arthritis and gets tired easily but now she’s playful and happy and can beat me up the stairs. She even feels well enough to harass the cats, who are NOT amused.

I am so grateful to Rose for this healing, I knew the treatment would help Samantha but did not foresee such a total transformation. It’s truly a blessing and to have my beloved companion back and happy is a truly wonderous thing. I could wish for animal lovers to find such a wonderful Healer for their companions. I had a session for myself last week and I also feel a lot better.

—Kathy Dunn, Norcross, GA


“I was skeptical that distance Reiki sessions could work…”

My first experience in working with Rose when my own cat Ziggy was diagnosed with end stage lung cancer. While I had a little experience with Reiki I had never worked with anyone who did distance work and I was a little skeptical.

For Ziggy’s first treatment he sat on my lap and Rose worked with him while we were on the phone together. I could feel him relax under my hands and his breathing got better in a matter of the first few minutes. He even went and ate a little food after his treatment, which he had not been able to do before it.

Wow, I was amazed! Ziggy only lived a few more weeks but during that time Rose was able to make him feel better and enjoy life. He had started to withdraw from me but after treatments he would come close again and want pets and purr on my lap. The day we were to let him go, he was sitting in the corner staring at the wall, after a teary-eyed call to Rose, she was able to work with him and he came to me once more so that we could connect before he left this world.

My animals have all loved Rose’s work and I can always tell if they have just had a session by how relaxed and content they are. In addition Rose has been able to work with me to help heal some of the loss when my own animals have passed.

Rose is not only a talented healer but also provides much needed support when an animal is sick or dying. Having someone to help ease some of the pain and suffering and strengthen the connection between human and animal during this time helps both animals and their human companions. Rose is able to bridge the communication gap and bring animals and their people together.

While I often send hospice animals to Rose because I feel like she is very skilled at offering support and comfort during this time, I have also sent younger animals to her when I feel like I was missing something or they just need extra support in a difficult time or during illness. Rose’s work is very safe yet extremely powerful and can help even the most sensitive of animals.

I often say that Rose is part animal herself. I guess what I mean by that is that she has a special way of working with animals. Even the most shy and sensitive animals trust Rose and know that she can help them. She is able to tell just what an animal needs and offer what she can in helping them.

I often get funny looks when I refer to “my cat’s shaman” but I love that I know my animals have someone who can help keep them strong, grounded and healthy.

—Lena McCullough, veterinary acupuncturist, Seattle, WA


“I believe that the work Rose, KD and I did together extended and increased the quality of my cat’s life for another 15 months.”

My beloved cat KD was 17 and not doing well when she and I met Rose. KD was in kidney failure and seemed to be in pain.

I asked Rose for a healing session. A result of that meeting indicated that KD wanted to stick around. I set up regular sessions with KD and Rose, and saw a dramatic change in KD’s health, energy and engagement for the better. I could tell almost every time when Rose and KD had a session, because KD was more lively and seemed to be in less pain. I believe that the work Rose, KD and I did together extended her life and increased the quality of her life for another 15 months. KD and I were tight before we started working with Rose, but that bond grew deeper and stronger with the help of Rose’s unique talents and gifts. I am so grateful for the kindness and tender care that Rose gave KD, and I highly recommend her for anyone with a beloved animal to keep them healthy and strong.

—Kathie Hopkins, Seattle, WA


“After weekly distance sessions…the sweet gentle cat, who had been buried under layers of trauma, finally emerged.”

Gracie was adopted with a minor skin rash on her stomach. At the approximate age of 14, nothing was known of her history except that she had been on her own for some time prior to entering the shelter. Gracie’s skin problem was initially diagnosed as seborrheic dermatitis by my vet and traditional attempts at treatment (medicated shampoo for her shaved stomach and the prolonged wearing of a soft Elizabethan collar to prevent her licking and reinfecting the area) failed. Plus, the treatment process compounded the stress and anxiety of an already stressed and anxious cat.

Gracie’s condition grew worse and soon her stomach was covered completely with weeping lesions and red raised areas. My vet had nothing more to offer except cortisone.

A holistic vet prescribed herbs which proved to be completely unpalatable and impossible to administer. Gracie was miserable and I was frustrated.

I brought Gracie to Rose for some relief while I considered what to do next. After three visits, Gracie’s disposition improved and she became calmer, but Rose thought continuing treatment with Reiki and her other healing methods might take a very long time to show results.

I took Gracie to another holistic vet who recommended a biopsy and suggested acupuncture as a treatment option. The biopsy results indicated eosinophillic granuloma plaque, a condition suspected to be caused by allergies likely from multiple sources. After weighing the pros and cons of allergy testing and acupuncture, Gracie and I returned to Rose.

Eight weekly distance treatments later, Gracie is lesion-free, plaque-free; and the sweet gentle cat, who had been buried under layers of trauma, finally emerged. Without doubt, I think Rose is a miracle-worker!

—Sally Arany, Seattle, WA


“After the session Quentin was at peace and remained content throughout his confinement.”

Quentin, my nine-and-a-half year-old orange tabby, was scheduled for a leg amputation. He had spent months hobbling around on three legs while waiting for a diagnosis.

I was concerned as to how he would handle such drastic surgery and how he would function thereafter—Quentin weighed nearly seventeen pounds and used his bad leg, at times, for balance. While I had no previous experience with energy healing, some of my cats had improved their illnesses with other forms of alternative therapies, so I felt hopeful that Quentin could benefit from Reiki/Shamanism.

We saw Rose for a pre-operation session. Quentin, a sensitive, yet gregarious and friendly boy, growled at Rose as she began treating him. Her hands weren’t touching him, but he was evidently feeling the energy flow. In no time, he had fallen asleep with his head resting on a healing stone.

Quentin’s surgery went well and the veterinarian was pleased with his hospital recovery. I brought him home and placed him in the cage in which he was to spend the next two weeks. However, Quentin’s lack of balance and clumsy attempts to use the litter box began to worry me. His sunny disposition had clouded over and he didn’t seem to be in very good shape. While I knew it would take time for him to adapt, I sensed something more was going on and didn’t know how to help him. Remarkably, the phone rang. It was Rose telling me that she needed to see Quentin right away.

Quentin became radiant when he saw her, greeting her like an old friend. After the session he was at peace and remained content throughout his confinement. I will be forever grateful to Rose, a very gifted healer.

—Sally Arany, Seattle, WA


“Although we were unable to save Rufus, Rose helped make his last days much more comfortable.”

When our dog Rufus was diagnosed with untreatable cancer we were devastated. Although we had no experience with Reiki or shamanic healing we decided to call Rose in the hopes that she could somehow help.

Rufus was recovering from surgery when we first went to see her and he was very weak and his gums very pale. Rose treated him in the car and he went into a deeply relaxed state. When he emerged he seemed to have life in him again and there was color again in his gums. We were quite impressed and returned the following week for another session in the car. This time I also experienced a deep state of relaxation along with Rufus and Rose explained that I could experience what he does because of our deep bond.

Soon he was eating more, walking again and chasing balls. We returned for several more visits. Rufus enjoyed his treatments and seemed to benefit from each one. Rose also provided us with practical advice about diet and joint supplementation.

Although we were unable to save Rufus, Rose helped make his last days much more comfortable. Her warmth, support and understanding helped us through this very difficult and painful time. We are so glad that Rose was there for us, and for Rufus.”

—Laura Hannan & Carl Sierak, Lynnwood, WA


“It was the most amazing thing to see, my cat almost instantly felt better.”

My cat Ramon was hit by a car and, among several other problems, he had severe head trauma. After surgery and three days in an animal clinic I brought him home with no other help than antibiotics. He was visibly in terrible pain, cried a lot, couldn’t eat or drink by himself, didn’t have bowel movements. He could barely walk and flopped around on wobbly legs. Four days later I asked Rose for help.

After working on Ramon using Reiki and shamanic healing methods, he almost instantly turned around—it was the most amazing thing to watch. He became very quiet and slept peacefully. The following day he started eating, had his first bowel movement in a week, and overall seemed better and pain-free.

Today he is his happy, healthy self again and I am convinced that without Rose’s help he would have never fully recovered.

—Lilo Benya, Seattle


“The session was so impressive and moving. I had no idea how profound it would be.”

I asked Rose to perform a distance healing on my dog, who was badly traumatized by an attack in her own yard. Two dogs jumped into our yard, and were still in the yard when I returned home. We successfully scared them off and had our dog treated at the emergency hospital. After that time, our dog became overly protective of her surroundings, barking and attempting to chase anyone or any thing away, including neighbors who were once very good friends with her. After being referred to Rose, we set up a time to do the distance healing.

It was so impressive and moving. I had no idea how profound it would be. My dog immediately was aware of the energy coming to her. She responded more positively every day, and after only 2 weeks, was emotionally a different dog. She began to forgive herself, trust us to take care of her, and heal within.

Today, after several months, she has continued to impress us with her loving nature without losing her ability to protect the property and remain “top dog” and I say that with only the most affectionate feeling. Rose truly was able to send her the healing she needed after such a terrible time. We are most grateful.

—K. Hunko, Washington

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