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A Reiki To The Rescue Tale

A Reiki to the Rescue Tale

“I feel so blessed and honored
to be able to provide comfort and healing to my senior cat.”

—Reiki student Dawn Antonel

I love hearing stories from my students about the many positive ways that the practice of Reiki energy healing supports them and their family members—furry and otherwise.

But of course, one can offer Reiki to beings of all species, not just the furry ones.

I happened to notice a small spider in the sink as I was washing a bowl out while preparing dinner for my cats. Of course, I shut off the water and apologized.

She made her way to a drier section of sink, so I thought she would be okay while I finished up. I was careful to wash away from where I thought she was, but she must have changed position without my seeing her.

After distributing dinner to Manitou and Night Sky I started taking everything out of the sink in order to rescue her. Sadly I found her in a ball trapped under the sink mat. She appeared to be a goner, but I felt offering Reiki couldn’t hurt. My experiences in the past had shown me that spiders are amazingly resilient, so perhaps she could be revived.

I offered her Reiki and thought I sensed a response. But she looked like a very tangled and sodden ball of spider, so I had my doubts. I wanted to offer a Bridge of Light for what I felt was most likely her passing. My guides did not feel it was necessary, but I did so anyway. And then I noticed that two legs were now sticking out of the spider ball. So I kept offering Reiki despite my doubts.

Next, I felt guided to take the tip of a chopstick and gently offer it to one of the legs. And that little touch gave the spider something to grab onto so that she could lever herself up out of the remaining moisture. To my amazement, she crawled up the chopstick.

She seemed a little disoriented after her near-death experience, but very game to find a place to shelter, so I left the chopstick amongst the plants and small statues of endangered species that I have above my sink. When I returned later she was gone, presumably with a tale of epic proportions to share about the Great Flood and the Big Energy.

So, my guides were right, and once again I am grateful for the blessings of Reiki. Even in life’s challenging moments, such as this one when I thought I had accidentally killed this poor spider, I feel a little better knowing that I have something to offer that might help.

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There are stories on the page from students as well as from me in audio What is Reiki? And there are quite a few more on my blog and on the Reiki Class Testimonials page.

I hope you will join me on a Reiki journey, and then I get to listen to your Reiki tales!

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best wishes,
Rose De Dan, Manitou and Night Sky
Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing


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Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC, is an animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic energy healer, and author. Her classes, sessions and ceremonial work are inspired by wild and domestic animals who have issued a call to action for personal and global healing.

Her book Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki and Shamanism features heartwarming stories about animals and their role in her evolution as an energy worker and shamanic healer.

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