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Audio Classes

  • Storytelling for Animals and People audios focuses on Rose De Dan’s own personal experiences with animals and animal teachers over the years, with a view to inspiring, entertaining, and creating shift and change. They cover a broad range in tone—from poignant and deeply personal to humorous, and sometimes downright goofy! They are intended to be shared with your animal companions, and celebrate animals as friends, teachers, guides and healers.
  • Who’s Your Stone Buddy? audio enable you to access the full potential of your intuition and the guidance available through Reiki and shamanic partnership with your pendulum.
  • Whale Teachers 3-part series documents a real-life journey in ceremony, and includes shamanic journeys so that you can receive messages, too. Experience the wisdom and healing energy of the Grey Whales, Humpbacks and resident/transient Orcas through storytelling, photos and shamanic journey.
Who’s Your Stone Buddy? Audio

Who’s Your Stone Buddy? Audio

Many pendulums are created from beautiful stones, but do you know why yours has come into your life? What does that particular Stone Person have to teach you? Is it with you for your personal Reiki or shamanic healing and/or has it shown up to assist in healing others?
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Shamanic Journey For 12s After The Big Game

Shamanic Journey for 12s after the Big Game

Traumatized by sudden loss in the last moments of the Big Game? Searching for ways to feel more positive? Experience the wisdom of the animal spirits and embrace their strengths as they teach us how to expand our potential for greater spiritual growth.
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Animal Ambassadors
are calling us to ceremony!

Together we can revolutionize
how we walk on this earth.

Elephants face increasing pressure, all species of tigers are endangered, wolves are under attack, rhinos are facing extinction.

For 6-part series Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors, we will meet with our animal relatives for the purpose of listening, gathering up their prayers and wishes, and then joining them in shamanic ceremony to co-create positive change for all.

And because the zoo animals are ambassadors for their wild relatives, the energetic shift we create together has impact on a global scale.

The animals and I hope you will join us at this time of greatest need.

This class is available as two options:
1) Seattle area field trips
2) Virtual classes for those who are not local.

Registration deadline is November 30 for field trips, and December 6 for virtual classes.

Click here to learn more.

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