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Shamanic Power Animal Fun

Bee and Lavender, ©Rose De Dan www.reikishamanic.comLike everyone else I can get caught up in the details of daily life and neglect to tend to my spiritual allies unless I need their help with a session or class.

Recently I realized that I was doing that to my power animal, and asked him what he would like to do. He indicated something relaxing and non-work related would be welcome, and I realized it was something I needed, too.

And so on a sunny Sunday morning Tiger and I found ourselves on the bus enroute to the local nursery to select a few vegetables and flowers for the garden. Since I could not possibly carry my purchases home with me on the bus it was my intention to have the nursery deliver on Tuesday. Sadly, that meant I would have to wait to enjoy planting the garden, but I figured it would be something to look forward to.

As Tiger and I wended our way through the many people who also seemed to have been bitten by the gardening bug, I asked his opinion on what plants might be needed for certain areas of the garden. People often think that power animals are spirit guides that you only contact when you need something major, but the truth is that they are happy to be asked for guidance on smaller decisions as well.

Of course I always ask the Plant People for input too when matching the right plant with the right location. I have found that when confronted with many pots of the same type of plant I get the best results when I ask which one(s) wants to come home with me. The volunteers always grow more vigorously.

As Tiger and I happily prowled around together, I miraculously seem ed to always have help when I wanted to find a certain plant. I imagine I could have asked the plants themselves to direct me, but a helpful nursery employee always seemed to pop up just as I needed one. Hmm, maybe Tiger and I should do this together more often!

When my arms got full an employee came over to offer me a cardboard tray. Then when I filled up the tray I was gifted a cart—you have no idea how hard those are to get your hands on when the place is busy! The folks who work at the nursery have always been helpful, but my day was starting to seem quite blessed—my wishes were being granted before I even thought to ask!

As Tiger and I joined a long line of people waiting to check out, I noted that my cart now contained a lot more plants than originally intended—I had definitely indulged myself. To honor our day together I had also chosen a beautiful penstemmon named “Blue Tiger,” which made Tiger chuckle.

As I stood in line I overheard conversations between strangers united by their love of gardening. It felt very friendly and relaxed—no one seemed impatient, which was nice.

One woman asked an employee if she could sit down on one of the garden chairs as she had just had knee surgery and could not stand for long. I smiled at her, and the next thing I knew we were chatting away. When she found out that I was going to take the bus and have my purchases delivered later in the week she kindly offered to give us all a lift home—plants, potting soil, power animal and all!

So not only did I have a lovely day selecting some new plant friends, I was reminded that when you walk with your power animal magical things can happen.


Want to meet your power animal and learn how to speak with the Stone, Animal and Plant People?

At the start of my eight-week Bones, Stones, Feathers and Fur Shamanic Teleclass series I take each student on a shamanic journey to meet the compassionate animal spirit ally that wants to share its wisdom and secrets. Each live call is available worldwide via phone or internet and is recorded so that you don’t miss a single one.

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©2015 Rose De Dan. All Rights Reserved.


Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC, is an animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic energy healer, and author. Her classes, sessions and ceremonial work are inspired by wild and domestic animals who have issued a call to action for personal and global healing.

Her book Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki and Shamanism features heartwarming stories about animals and their role in her evolution as an energy worker and shamanic healer.

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  1. After working with the Medicine Cards many years ago, I was left with ‘gaps’ in my animal totems that nothing seemed to help with.
    Some years later, I found out during a session with a friend who is a clear channel for St. Germain that one of the ‘lost’ totems was a black-phase jaguar or black-phase big cat – I feel pretty sure it is jaguar-as a child, I was a swimmer and loved to run and climb trees 🙂 It was a really big startling surprise to find a totem that strong and powerful in my ‘family’ according to the Medicine Cards, but more was revealed that day and since and it made more sense after a while.
    I have wondered how to be more in touch with that totem…this article is a big help. Love this story. Seems like your way was just ‘smoothed’ and your day kept super positive all the way through. Thank you for this story and all the others you’ve shared. I am going to go with asking for her, Black Panther, as I sort of think of her, for assistance and company on ‘ordinary’ undertakings.

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