Stories of Reiki for animals abound in this newsletter: Reiki for Santa's Reindeer, a Puffin's joy at asking for, and receiving Reiki, new video series Storytelling for Animals and People featuring 32 true-life stories about animals told by the fire with cats Manitou and Night Sky. skip to Main Content
WRSH News: Reiki For Santa’s Reindeer And A Puffin, Storytelling Videos, And Gifts For You

WRSH News: Reiki for Santa’s Reindeer and a Puffin, Storytelling Videos, and Gifts for You



In this issue

• Reiki for Santa’s Reindeer

• A Gift for You and New Storytelling Videos for Animals and People

• More Gifts and Fun

• The Joy of Puffin Reiki

Start the New Year with a Reiki 1 Class!

Client Story: “Dancing in the Dark” featuring Cat Jade

Update on the Foster Cats




Reiki Level 1 Live Virtual Class
January 3 – February 7, 2024

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February 20 – March 19, 2024

Bones, Stones, Feathers and Fur



As many of you are aware, this Christmas will be my first in over 10 years without my beloved cat Manitou (see Saying Goodbye to Manitou). His ashes have been returned, and the cherrywood box that contains them now sits by the hearth beside my elk antler chair where we spent so much time together teaching and enjoying one another’s company. Night Sky now spends most of his time in the chair that used to be Manitou’s. I sense it helps him feel close to the friend he has lost. The GoFundMe for Manitou is still open in case anyone would like to make a contribution toward his veterinary bills.

Grieving is a process that takes time. I am doing my best to honor that while also doing my personal work. I continue to be grateful for the support from students, clients, readers, and friends. Your messages nurture my heart and encourage me to keep me moving forward.

I did try to get the Christmas decorations up, but only made it as far as the lights before conceding defeat. I was just not feeling the holiday spirit, and I needed to focus on the ongoing effort to get Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing set up with the two new platforms. It is my sincere hope that my next newsletter will be in the beautiful and much easier-to-work-with-format for the New Year.

For me, December is not just the holiday season, it also marks the start of my Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors class series.

Our first visit was to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium to collect the prayers of the Animal Ambassadors in ceremony, and it was a “holy wow” of a day. Young female polar bears Astra and Laerke were in full-on play mode with bodies and waves crashing into the windows; I got amazing video footage to share with the class. Our time with male Octopus Marina was over-the-top special and quite emotional; he interacted with each of us (sometimes at the same time given his impressive ability to reach with his tentacles). And Sumatran tiger Kali gifted us with her trust. I will be sharing more stories and videos with my Patreon community (free 7-day trial if you would like to join us), but I offer the story and video of the Puffin who asked for Reiki here as a holiday gift of joy (see below).

Spending time with my students and the Zoo Animal Ambassadors definitely lifted my spirits, so that evening some friends and I took a little jaunt to look at the annual Christmas light display at the Menashe family home. It is a West Seattle tradition, and their display was actually a contender in the 2018 Great Christmas Light Fight. While looking for a place to park, I realized that we happened to choose the only night that Santa Claus was paying a visit, and he’d brought two of his reindeer with him!

I paused to take a few photos of the lights and vintage decorations from many different eras, but Ralee made a beeline to the reindeer.






Making my way over to Ralee, I saw two well-fed reindeer resting on hay. Greeting them, my first impression was that they were tired but could not sleep due to all the noise, people, and lights. Ralee had the attention of the other reindeer, so I focused on the one closest to me who still had both her antlers (the other reindeer had only one—males shed them early in the winter months).

Speaking quietly, I thanked her for all the joy that her presence brought to children and adults at this time of year and asked if she would like the gift of some Reiki. She said yes, so I began sending Reiki to her for her highest and best good, letting go of attachment to outcome (how that might be applied or manifest).


I observed her body posture shift to a more relaxed state. She turned to lie more fully on her side and stretched all four legs out as far as she could, even stretching her tail (so cute). Then, with a deep sigh of release, she let all her tension go. No matter how many years I have been a Reiki practitioner, I am always in awe of seeing how the animals respond. I felt as though I had been given a lovely gift that raised my spirits.

I was able to speak with the caretakers of the reindeer and discovered that their names were Bunny and Humphrey. (Seriously? I was offended on their behalf—I felt that reindeer ambassadors for Santa should have more magical names!) I was further offended to hear the caretakers call the reindeer “lazy” for lying down, but they added that they were glad that they were not having to protect people from their antlers. I wished there was a way to instantly shift awareness to how patient the reindeer were with being asked to stay up past their bedtime for our sake (they are not nocturnal). We should be so grateful to them for the happiness they bring.

A little more conversation elicited the information that the reindeer were fully booked (they are celebrities, after all), and this was a rare occasion when both they and Santa could be in the same place at the same time. I felt doubly blessed that I had been able to spend time with them and offer Reiki to Bunny while Ralee offered some to Humphrey. Hopefully, they enjoyed their night a bit more.

And I did stand with jolly old elf Santa for a photo-op and a little dash of holiday spirit (that may be who we see in the hazy green area to the left). You just never know…





NEW! A Gift for you, Video Stories by Fireside

In memory of Manitou: I had no idea while filming seven consecutive nights at fireside that it would be the last project Manitou and I would share; he crossed over two weeks after completion. I dedicate these stories to him.

My new 7-part video series Storytelling for Animals and People makes a purrfect gift for animal lovers!

In olden times, folks gathered together around the fire to listen to stories that amused, inspired, and touched the heart. I’ve revived that ancient tradition with the help of modern technology, adding the ambiance of fireside with my cats Manitou and Night Sky. And with the help of my Reiki/shamanic and animal communication background, your animal companions may also enjoy listening to these stories of animal friends, teachers, guides, and healers.

YOUR GIFT: The series contains 32 real-life stories celebrating animals, and you can give it a try with my Christmas gift of “Cat Scrimmage” from the second video. It’s a story with lots of suspense for your cat companions (dogs will enjoy it, too).

Some other stories in the series:

“Out of the Darkness” celebrates the power of animal communication from the heart

“The Llama and the Death Rites” is a humorous story that takes place during a Peruvian shamanic ceremony at Machu Picchu

“California Dreamin'” where I acquire an unexpected passenger on a car camping road trip who ends up changing my life.

I invite you to grab a coffee or a glass of wine, and settle in with my cats for a cozy listen by fireside!


More Gifts and Fun

At this festive time of giving and celebration with family, I wanted to offer all of you something special to say how much I appreciate your support for this work and your love for the animals.

Winter Wildlife E-Card: I can’t meet each of you personally to say “thank you,” or send an individual card. But I did select a special one with all of you in mind. I hope you enjoy this beautiful animated card by Jacquie Lawson and the blessing from us that accompanies it.

Nostalgic Blow Mold Christmas Tree Puzzle: There is a wonderfully creative holiday display in my neighborhood that has gathered together holiday blow mold decorations (some from other holidays like Halloween and Easter) as ornaments on a Christmas tree created from lights strung from a flagpole. I love it, and wanted to share. I took a photo and turned it into a puzzle for you to enjoy some holiday fun!

Cat Night Sky versus the Christmas Tree: From back when I had a tabletop tree…Night Sky respected the tree and lights until I added the ornaments. As you will see in the video the fact that I am an animal communicator makes no difference. Just because he can understand what I want does not mean that he will comply (-:

Created in 2009, it has become my tradition to share video The Night Before Christmas Read to Cat and Dog for Christmas Eve. Written by Clement C. Moore in 1823 and has become a children’s Christmas classic. I originally recorded it December 23, 2009 for my niece and nephew, who were 2 and 4 at the time, and they had not yet met their Aunt Rose in person. Two of my animal companions, dog Puma, and cat Saqqara (both now in spirit), were my assistants. Perhaps your animal companions might want to watch and listen with you. Article Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Aunt Rose in case you are interested in the story behind the making of the video which was quite dramatic.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing!
Rose De Dan, Night Sky, Tamerlan, Noctua, and Sadiya


The Joy
of Puffin Reiki

Remember how I always say that becoming a Reiki practitioner can turn you into even more of an animal magnet?

We made our way down to the underwater viewing area for Rocky Shores where the common murres and the puffins swim. Sometimes the birds get very interactive with us at the window, and this was definitely one of those days.

The students had their prayers sticks ready, and the common murres paddled down our lineup, adding their prayers.

Once they were complete, we were approached by a puffin who was missing an eye on his right side. He paused in front of Stacey, interacting, and adding his prayers to the prayer stick she carried. And then he focused on me. I am not able to carry a prayer stick due to needing to interact with the students and the Animals Ambassadors while also taking photos for the stories to share with the virtual students, but Puffin recognized that I had Reiki on tap, and made it clear that he wanted some by coming right up to me and making eye contact. After confirming his permission, I began offering him Reiki. Puffin was so excited to receive the healing energy that he had his beak and chest feathers pressed up against the glass. And he kept saying, “Come closer, come closer,” he wanted to go beak-to-nose with me! I laughed and told him I couldn’t get any closer because the glass was in the way.

Puffin continued to draw on the Reiki like a feathered sponge, and when he’d finally had enough, he was feeling great and it was party time! He went into a kind of joyous fluff and wash mode, spinning in circles while flinging water every which way. And his enjoyment was infectious, we all laughed with delight! Thanks to Ralee who took video, I am able to share this fun moment with all of you! Click here to watch Prayer Stick and Reiki for Puffin.

Learn how to offer Reiki or refresh your Reiki skills with my Reiki Level 1 class. It’s a great way to start the New Year!



Start the New Year with Reiki!

One student shares her experience:

To say that my life has changed as a result of Reiki is an understatement. Because of my daily Reiki self practice, I feel balanced, calm and grounded more than I have ever felt before.

Prior to learning Reiki with Rose, I often found it challenging separating my feelings from the emotional and physical pain of others around me. While I am still aware of the energy in my environment, this gentle practice has made it possible for me to maintain boundaries with surprising ease. Knowing how it has shifted my world, and witnessing how it has helped a myriad of beings from animals and plants to people…I am highly moved to offer Reiki to others.

I will be forever grateful to Rose for her solid integrity, for her wonderful stories and lessons, and for being such a clear, safe and highly skilled teacher of Reiki.—Amy, Seattle

If you feel a special connection to animals,
Reiki can take it to the next level.

When I was little I wanted to be like Dr. Dolittle and Laurie McBain (the woman who lived in the woods in Disney’s Three Lives of Thomasina) that the animals came for healing. Thanks to learning Reiki in 1995, my childhood dream came true. Reiki was the very beginning of my journey into energy healing and a deeper connection with animals.

Wild animals and domestic cats, dogs, farm, zoo animals all ask for Reiki when they are in need of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and support.

And it’s not just for animals, Reiki also benefits practitioners with their own personal healing as well Reiki for other people—family, friends, and clients.

My live Reiki 1 class begins January 3, and is available worldwide from the comfort of your home. Each call is also available afterward as a replay for reference or in case you cannot attend at that time.

This is NOT a prerecorded training. I answer questions and offer personal guidance to each student to help them reach their best and highest potential.

Taken Reiki training before, but don’t feel confident? Perhaps a refresher might be helpful.

Students who have take Reiki training with me share that the weekly telecalls, opportunities to practice, online community atmosphere and opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance has helped them make Reiki a part of their daily lives and feel confident in offering it to their loved ones.

There is no better time than now to be able to access healing energy, connect with the animals—and do it all from home!

Click here to learn more and register.

Enjoy the beauty of the season, and hope to see you in class!


Client Story: Dancing in the Dark
featuring Cat Jade

Cherie Kephert contacted me for a session for her cat Jade who had just been diagnosed with a mass in her right lung and the prognosis was not a good one.

Jade’s responded very well energetically in her initial one-hour session, and I received the guidance to suggest a weekly series of mini sessions which were started immediately, and which Jade currently continues to receive. Recently, Cherie shared her blog post concerning Jade’s most recent vet visit. I invite you to read Cherie’s beautiful post Dancing in the Dark. Our animal companions are our best teachers.


Updates for the Fosters

Former starving stray cat Tamerlan is still available for adoption in the Seattle area and I need help finding him his forever home. He is a funny, affectionate, wonderful guy, but he needs to be an only cat. He is eagerly anticipating what Santa brought him for Christmas, so don’t tell him it’s a Cheerble mouse that I discovered through Ingrid King’s Purrs of Wisdom, I got one for him and Night Sky, and a second for Noctua and Sadiya. Shhh…
Click here to see Tamerlan’s adoption profile.

Foster Cats Noctua and Sadiya: After a much longer stay with me than anyone could have anticipated, they will be listed for adoption on Petfinder in time for the New Year. In the meantime, they are enjoying their nightly combo of Reiki and playtime. Mama Cat Noctua nods off over the toys, while her daughter Sadiya alternates receiving pets from me, swatting a toy, and trying to entice her mom into grooming her. They are both very sweet, and will be a lovely pair for some lucky person or family.

If you would like to support their well-being (and Tamerlan’s), we could really use a donation of cat food from our Wish List. Thank you once again to all the Cat Food Angels who have supported us. The fosters are happy and healthy thanks to all of you!


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Rose De Dan and her dog Puma, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing

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