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How To Greet A Tiger And Offer Reiki

How to Greet a Tiger and Offer Reiki

This account is from our recent visit for Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, and I offer it and the video that accompanies it as an example of how Reiki can help create connection and trust as well as offering healing. And did I mention that you can learn how to do this too with domestic animals, too? Check the calendar for my next Reiki class.

Sumatran tiger Kali was on her straw bedding up against the glass window when we approached. I took the photo above when she made direct eye contact and we greeted her.

We were standing back a little bit, and in came two families with a passel of kids, and they all seemed to be under five. They went rushing past us, up to Kali, who was still against the glass. It was chaos, the kids were loud, hands waving, very excited prey as far as a tiger is concerned. The energy was so chaotic that I had a moment where I wondered if I should say something; maybe offer some guidance to the kids on how to have a different interaction or experience with the tiger. But my guides said no, which is just as well since I don’t like horning in on families. Kali handled it like a champ, only at one point did she raise a paw.

The parents were oblivious to Kali and her body language. They said, “Okay, kids, line up in front of her and let’s take your picture.” And I had to laugh because the littlest one who I think maybe was two, had still not gone up to see Kali, he was hanging back. The parents tried to encourage him to get in the picture. The little tyke looked at Kali and shook his head back and forth in a very clear “NO” and backed up. I thought, smart kid, because the other kids were all standing with their backs to Kali in classic prey position.

After the families left, I felt a gentle push to approach Kali who was still at the glass. I approached slowly—not directly, not face on, not head on. I came in with my left side to her, and I knelt down. I greeted her with a slow eye blink (feline-speak for “I am relaxed and mean you no harm” and good cat manners), and she responded in kind back. We had laid the foundation for a conversation.

I felt guided to thank Kali for being such a wonderful ambassador, for being so patient with the children, the human cubs. I told her that they were loud and chaotic because they didn’t understand how to interact with her. I said I felt that the encounter had been stressful for her, and asked if she would like some Reiki. She said yes.

I began to offer Kali distance Reiki (Reiki 2) and it was a beautiful moment. I felt her open to me. I felt her in my heart; a heart-to-heart connection. At first, she laid down with her eyes open, looking at me. We did exchange more slow eye blinks, and I also would look away and look back so that I wasn’t staring.

Rose offers Reiki to Sumatran tiger Kali, ©Rose De Dan,

As the energy flowed, Kali tipped her head back and relaxed, and then finally closed her eyes. She was very open, very receptive, and surrendered to the energy. A teaching for us all.

I am fortunate and most grateful that attendee Ralee also caught our Reiki moment on video in this excerpt.

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As you can see in this interaction as well as in the Joy of Puffin Reiki from my last newsletter, it is really true that animals of all species understand the healing power of Reiki, and will ask for it when in need. And Reiki can transform your relationship with each other. And this is true for our beloved animal companions, too.

I wish I had known about Reiki when I was younger—it would have been the answer to all my childhood dreams of connecting with the animals. However, I was, and am, profoundly grateful to have discovered it as an adult in mid-life 25+ years ago—better late than never!

I love Reiki, not only for the benefits it offers my clients and my own animals, but for how it has transformed my life and helped me heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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