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Saying Goodbye To Manitou

Saying Goodbye to Manitou

When I planned my newsletter, I thought I would be joyfully sharing the milestone of 10 years of Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors.

Instead, it is with a heavy heart that I share that my cat Manitou will be taking the journey into spirit tomorrow. [Note: prayers welcome, but Manitou has specifically requested that no one send him energy directly. Thanks in advance for respecting his wishes.]

Besides being my heart cat, Manitou has also been an important part of Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing by participating in ceremonies (or gleefully disrupting them), classes, or storytelling by the fire. I may have enough stories written about him for his own book (I know he would like that, lol). There are many photos of Manitou on FineArtAmerica; someone recently purchased tote bag Manitou Voices His Opinion in his honor (thank you). My personal favorite is Ferny Cat Cave; I feel it says it all about who he is on the inside.

I want to spend time with him today, so will keep this short as possible.

You may all recall the GoFundMe campaign created to help with all the expenses associated with Manitou’s second round of treatment for hyperthyroidism (so much gratitude for our supporters). The treatment seemed successful, until it wasn’t. Tests showed thyroid levels so low they were not measurable. Manitou was tired and had a poor appetite. His belly grew round, and a day-long vet visit filled with a battery of tests and x-rays revealed that his organs were all seemingly healthy (except thyroid), but they removed half a liter of fluid from his belly. Possibly related to thyroid, but the dreaded “C” word was more likely. It was a long and very costly day (donations gratefully accepted thru GoFundMe), and Manitou was wiped out and very, very sore.

A conversation through another animal communicator indicated that Manitou did not want to stay. We’d only had a few days on the thyroid medication, and had another new med to try for his other issues. I asked Manitou if he would be willing to try staying for a few days to see if the meds would turn things around. Because he loved me, he said yes.

24 hours later I saw no real improvement, and we had another conversation to check in. Manitou did not want to stay in his body, although he was trying for me, and I told him that I would not ask him to stay any longer. He said thank you through the communicator and then got to his feet, climbed weakly down the cat post, slowly made his way across the desk to me, stepped into my lap, looked into my eyes with love, gratitude, and relief, and then turned and made the slow journey back onto the cat post. It took a lot of effort, and he did it so that I would have no doubt that I was doing the right thing for him. He stayed for love, and I will lovingly release him from his body.

I cannot fully express how grateful I am that the universe guided him to my backyard when he was a starving stray who had been dumped. We have come full circle; it was 10 years ago on November 15 (see Guess Who Came to Dinner) that Manitou came into my life and offered me so much love, enrichment, joy, snuggles, and laughter when he teases me.

I will definitely miss Manitou’s presence this holiday season, but I will also be offering gratitude for the gift of our time together on Thanksgiving Day. Possibly through a despacho ceremony. If we do, I hope Manitou’s spirit makes a swan dive into it (see Manitou and the Earth Day Despacho Ceremony).

Enjoy the beauty of the season with your loved ones, and perhaps add a prayer of gratitude for All Our Relations with Thanksgiving with the Animals.

Rose De Dan, Manitou, Night Sky, and Tamerlan
Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing

Postscript: Be sure to read the inspirational companion article 108 Butter Lamps for Manitou.


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