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Storytelling Videos For Animals And People

Storytelling Videos for Animals and People

From tender childhood moments caring for household pets to awe-inspiring encounters with wildlife, author and gifted storyteller Rose De Dan shares 32 heartwarming, true-life stories incorporating animal communication and Reiki/shamanic energy healing.

“Rose’s stories are balm for the soul!”

Through Rose’s storytelling, readers will discover the wisdom animals impart and the transformative power of listening with an open heart. As she tells about her encounters with creatures both domestic and wild, from pigeons to jaguars, Rose reveals the universal language of compassion that unites all living beings.

Whether offering healing energy to shelter cats or finding solace in the embrace of a mysterious forest cat, each story illuminates the depth of connection that exists between humans and the natural world, and resonate with humor, heart, and profound insight.

From author and storyteller Rose De Dan:

“In olden times, folks gathered together to listen to stories that amused, inspired, and touched the heart. I thought it might be fun to revive that ancient tradition with the help of modern technology. These stories originate from my own personal experiences with animals and animal teachers over the years, with a view to inspiring, entertaining, and creating shifts and change.

“All but one of the stories are original, written, and read by me. Grab a coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or a glass of wine, and settle in with my cats Manitou and Night Sky for a cozy listen by the fire.

“And with the help of my Reiki/shamanic and animal communication background, your animal companions may enjoy listening to these stories of animal friends, teachers, guides, and healers, too.”

Postscript: Senior cat Manitou transitioned into spirit shortly after filming these videos. At the time, I did not know it would be our last project together and am so grateful for the memories. He was my heart cat, and we loved sitting together by the fire.

“It was a lovely time shared by all.”

“Beautiful stories Rose, thank you so much for sharing them!”

GIFT of the story “Cat Scrimmage” from real-life stories celebrating animals in the Storytelling for Animals and People video series.
GIFT of a Story: Dive into the suspenseful “Cat Scrimmage” and let your animal companions join the adventure! Experience the ancient storytelling tradition with the fireside ambiance and the charm of cats Manitou and Night Sky.

The Storytelling for Animals series contains 32 real-life stories celebrating animals. “Cat Scrimmage” is from the second video.

Click here to listen to the gift story.

The Stories in the Series

Storytelling # 1 – Connections | 0:38:13

A reading of “The Cat Who Walked by Himself” by Rudyard Kipling followed by original stories.
• Out of the Darkness
• Lady Jane

Storytelling #2 – For the Love of Animals | 0:26:26

An animal medicine card reading followed by original stories.
• For the Love of Animals
• The Field
• Cat Scrimmage
• A Gander Just Knows

Storytelling #3 – Peru Stories | 0:33:58

• Journey to Machu Picchu
• The Llama and the Death Rites
• Tastes Like Chicken
• Jungle Boogie
• Crocodile Reiki
• Jaguar Comes a-Callin’

Storytelling #4 – College Life and Rescue Work | 0:30:41

• Under Her Paw (dog Samantha)
• Party Cat (dorm cat Marquis)
• Animal Healers: The Cats of Kitty Harbor

Storytelling #5 – Travels with Rose | 0:32:36

• A Story for African Grey Parrot Max
• Hitting the Road in a ’63 Chevy
• Travels with Rose
• The Kindness of Strangers
• California Dreaming

Storytelling #6 – Pachamama’s Ambassador | 0:32:12

• Pachamama’s Ambassador
• Gourmet Recycling
• Got ‘nip?
• Raccoon and The Great Squirrel Bank Robbery
• California Dreaming continued
• The Return

Storytelling #7 – Life on the Edge | 0:34:03

• Life on the Edge
• Dinner Party on Beaver Street
• No One Left Behind
• Shamanic Journeys and Ceremonies with Animals
• Awakening Owl Medicine
• Wild Man Chooses Me

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About Rose De Dan

Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC

Rose De Dan is an animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic practitioner, and author of Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki and Shamanism. Based in Seattle, WA, she has been teaching classes since 1996 and has a wealth of stories and guidance on energy healing for animals and people that she shares with her students.

In 1996, while living in Worcester, Mass., she had a life-changing experience during a Reiki class and was gifted with a vision of a healing practice for animals. In pursuing that vision, Rose began to remember her childhood dreams and passion to help animals.

In the process of becoming an energy healer, animal shaman, and voice for the animals, Rose found her practice evolving into building bridges between people and domestic and wild animals. She has been bringing people and animals together in ceremony to co-create a sustainable future since 1998.

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