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Client Story: Senior Dog Tucker And The Coyotes

Client Story: Senior Dog Tucker and the Coyotes

Many of my clients receiving regular Reiki/shamanic energy healing sessions are senior dogs and cats. At 15-and-a-half years old, black lab Tucker is a very old dog for his size. He has been my weekly client since May 2018, and while he has had his ups and downs, overall, his quality of life has been great. I am not Tucker’s only care provider; in addition to energy healing with me, he also receives acupuncture and other alternative healing modalities to help maintain his quality of life, plus veterinary care. The best of both worlds!

I received an email two days ago from Andrea saying that he was getting a little wobbly in the back end, and she asked if we could give him a boost with my special daily sessions. While speaking with Andrea, she shared an amazing story that had happened just that morning. She and her husband Paul had been walking Tucker off-leash through the cemetery when a pair of coyotes appeared. They had no fear of the humans and focused on Tucker.

Ordinarily, Tucker is very well trained, but the coyotes must have thumbed their noses at him, and Tucker took off after them. His people ran as fast as they could, but he was moving so quickly that they couldn’t catch up. And when the two coyotes joined up ahead of him, Tucker hit the after-jets and kicked into high gear. His people were panicking since they understood the hunting strategy of the coyotes—get the senior dog away from the people and take him down. To Andrea and Paul, this was a race to save Tucker. From Tucker’s perspective, he was having the time of his life! Since I already knew that the story ended happily with Tucker’s safe return home, I could smile and enjoy the scene from his viewpoint—he was the mighty hunter and chased those rude coyotes away!

I did suggest that his people give him something for inflammation since once the adrenaline wore off Tucker might be a little sore. But man, for that moment of glorious chase, Tucker was not a senior citizen. I am sure he will be very proud of himself for a few days. He certainly was when I checked in later for his energy-healing session! I did insert a few words of caution regarding coyote motives. Hopefully, Tucker remembers if invited again into the heat of battle.

Andrea reported back, saying Tucker was “enlivened and rejuvenated” from his coyote dash. She added, “Thank you for suggesting caution! The little turkey…I’m sure in his day of pride and joy over his escapade, he really listened to you 🙄 I can’t help but laugh…but damn it…I thought he was a goner, and we were running our butts off…total chaos. Glad someone had a good time 😠🙃”

Tips for Living with Coyotes: Coyotes play an important role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. Understanding their needs and responses can help us humans be better neighbors and keep our animal companions safe.

Do you have a senior cat or dog struggling with aging and/or chronic health issues? Energy healing can help put more quality of life in their years! Send me an email and we can chat about how to customize an approach for your beloved animal companion.


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