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Starving Kitten Appears At Wild Reiki Spa

Starving Kitten appears at Wild Reiki Spa

We are a couple of days in to this story, so posting four videos and the story that goes with each one.

First Sighting

I first saw this young cat on the wildlife cam getting a drink in the middle of the night at the Wild Reiki Spa. It was difficult to tell for sure, but seeing him in daylight I was 100% certain that he was too thin, and by the way he was moving, possibly injured. It seems that in addition to the three foster cats who are healing at my house after Red Rose Animal Rescue saved them from starvation, I now have a starving kitten needing rescue in my own backyard…

Initial Contact

In addition to my three (formerly starved) foster cats, I now have a starving kitten needing rescue in my own backyard. The kitten looks to be maybe 5-6 months old. Not sure if male or female, but for now I am calling the kitten “he.” I first noticed this one on the Wild Reiki Spa wildlife cam a few nights ago. He looked thin, but it was not until the cam caught him in daylight did I see just how thin and dirty he was.

Last night he was hanging in the yard, so I started talking to him. He kept his distance, but I was guided to go get some food. I put a little kibble in the bowl, a small handful since I did not yet know if I was feeding someone’s companion. I saw him cautiously approach the bowl and eat. It was dark, so I did not want to spook him by lingering. Wildlife cam caught the rest. That poor kitten finished what was in the bowl, and then kept returning toit, lifting it up in the air with his head to check underneath and make sure he had not missed a crumb!

I did not see him when I went out to take the bowl in, otherwise, I would have offered him more food. The wildlife cam showed him repeatedly returning to the area. He even climbed up on the bench against the catio. It also looked like he might have lost his footing and took a dive into the flowerbed. Heartbreaking. I can’t leave food out for him because of the visiting raccoons, opossums, skunks, etc. (Raccoon Family showed up later and gave the empty feeding area a LOT of attention.) So, I sent Reiki to the situation and the message that Kitten was welcome to return. I would be happy to serve him…

Dinner for Starved Kitten

Yesterday, I sent Reiki to the situation of a starving stray kitten that has shown up at the Wild Reiki Spa, and a message to him that he was welcome to return for food. I would be happy to serve him. Before that happened, a concerned neighbor came to my door asking if I had seen the white cat that was too thin. She also shared that she had seen him eating something in the street near my curb (that would have been whatever leftovers I had put out for the crows that day). She said that he was eating like his life depended on it. I promised her that I would care for him if he returned. By this point, I was pretty certain that this kitten did not have a home (or was very lost).

At dinnertime today, I again sent out a call to the kitten, and shortly afterward, I spotted him at the street curb. He was pulling up clumps of grass in an attempt to get whatever crumbs the crows had left. So sad—but, by that point, I had a can of food, bowl, and kibble in hand, and managed to entice him into the backyard. I put the bowl down and returned to the house. He cautiously approached the bowl. When he finally felt it was safe, he ate like he was starving.

I only fed half a can plus a small amount of kibble out of concern for his stomach. If he ate too much at one sitting he would probably vomit. He wanted more, but I told him he needed to wait. When I went out to deliver the other half of the can, he held his position at the bowl and hissed vigorously at me. I delivered the rest of the food in one massive spoonful, and he just dove in.

After eating, he visited my front door, which did not delight my indoor cat Night Sky.

He returned to the backyard and hung out for a while. I told him I would feed bedtime snack if he came back before I went to sleep. Otherwise, he was welcome to come to breakfast. I warned him about the deadly Opossum, and the Raccoon Family, and left the door to the catio open in case he needed a place to sleep.

I don’t think he is feral, but might be semi-feral. We shall see…

Night Sky tries to Intimidate Kitten

After enjoying a good dinner (which the starving kitten shoveled in as fast as he could), he appeared at my front door. Clearly, he knew where I lived. My indoor cat Night Sky tried to intimidate him. Kitten did fuzz up at the first charge (not caught on video), but quickly realized that Night Sky could not reach him. It appears that I now have another mouth to feed in addition to my three foster cats who are healing nicely after Red Rose Animal Rescue saved them from starvation. I don’t mind, it just seems like another piece of serendipity…Stay tuned!

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