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Miracles For Foster Cats Jimmy, Sadiya And Noctua

Miracles for Foster Cats Jimmy, Sadiya and Noctua

Life has been quite busy with students, clients, the Wild Reiki Spa and Wild Rose Cafe, but mostly with the addition of three foster cats.

I am happy to share that foster cats Jimmy, Sadiya, and Noctua have filled out and now have healthy fur coats. Very different from when they were first rescued by Marcie of Red Rose Animal Rescue and from their arrival at my home office. I have done my best to document part of their progress in Fostered Rescue Cats playlist on my YouTube channel.

But the videos cannot capture the miracle of their rescue from the situation they were in, nor the amount of support these three cats have received from so many kind people.

Because all three were found close to death’s door from starvation, my guides felt that they needed the highest possible nutrition in order to restore health now and repair damage that might result in shorter, less healthy lives in the future. The rescue sent me food, but there are very few organizations that could afford to offer the same quality diet I feed my own cats.

For the first day, I fed the fosters what I had been supplied with, but the whisper of my healing guides was so insistent that I caved and started blending in 50/50 of my own cats’ higher-quality food. Realistically, I knew that could not continue for very long; I simply did not have the means to feed three other (ravenous) cats in addition to my own. I sent Reiki to the situation, and nothing short of a miracle occurred. I posted in a Buy Nothing group asking only for a plastic litter pail and happened to mention that it was for foster cats who had been starved. A group member reached out to me privately and volunteered to buy them high-quality cat food. I told her that it might come to at least $150/month and I was thinking that I would have them for two. Was she okay with that? To my surprise, she was. She wished to remain anonymous, but I was over the moon at the cats having a sponsor. And then another woman (from the same group!) reached out to me with a similar offer and delivered more food from the list I supplied. After I started making videos of their progress, two other sponsors shipped food to my door. Honestly, I could have cried from gratitude on behalf of these cats. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am blessed to be the one who offers them bowls filled with food the likes of which they have never even seen before. Jimmy was a street cat before winding up in the hoarding house, Noctua a feral in a cat colony, and Sadiya (her daughter) was born in the hoarding situation and never knew what a normal house looked like never mind high-quality canned food.

They are thriving, to the point that still-shy Noctua will poke her head out of the Cat Hut to sniff what the next delightful offering might be. And she is madly in love with Gerber baby food, which I use to encourage her to trust me. And Sadiya is now so in love with her food that when I added in a different dry cat food brand so that they would have more variety she looked up from her bowl with horror and then dashed to my side (this is a former semi-feral cat, folks—originally she would never have considered approaching a human) to share her disbelief that I should change a good thing! You know that starvation is no longer an issue when a cat starts to get picky about what she wants to eat (-:

But while Jimmy gained some weight, his fur was still dry and sparse. Then he started to lose weight despite eating like he was three cats. Tests from the vet visit (they all fell in love with him) showed that Jimmy had diabetes, not something any of us were expecting. And so, Jimmy and I learned how to do insulin injections, and take readings off his Libre (yep, the same one they use for people). At the same time, we discovered that Jimmy had terrible teeth and gums and he went on long-term antibiotics until his blood sugar levels were under control and he could have much-needed dental surgery. Turns out that Jimmy is a champ at taking medicine of all kinds, again with the supportive power of the Gerber all-meat baby food (-:

Research showed me that CBD oil can help with diabetes, so I reached out on my Facebook page and asked for a sponsor, and someone stepped forward to make that possible (bless her). Sadiya is also on it temporarily due to some scratching issues (they all had to be treated for fleas).

All this time there have been unexpected bills that the rescue has had to cover, and their resources are extremely limited due to the sheer number of animals they have rescued lately that have also unexpectedly needed major support. Jimmy was on the wait list for quite for enough funds for his dental cleaning and extractions and he can’t come off the antibiotic until afterward (his surgery will be August 17). It is my hope that once that part is taken care of Jimmy may not need to be on insulin. There is a possibility that his diabetes was induced by the amount of inflammation in his body due to infection.

So, now I am going to hope and send Reiki for another possible miracle, this time for the rescue organization. Red Rose Animal Rescue has a GoFundMe page where there is also a link to the backstory for the rescue of these three cats in addition to others. Please make a donation if you can, even a small amount goes a long way when we work together!

I am learning a lot from working with Jimmy, Sadiya, and Noctua, and feel blessed to have them here, but I think my greatest lesson from this is the outpouring of care and kindness from people who love animals. You are deeply appreciated by all of us here at Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing!

And now highlights of other news:

New videos on You Tube channel: with the heat wave and other things needing my attention I have not gotten a recent video up of the fosters, but there will be more. For now, there are some cat stories featuring Manitou as well as really cute ones of the youngsters visiting the Wild Reiki Spa.

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