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United, We All Stand: Creating Shift Energetically For The Gulf Oil Spill

United, We All Stand: Creating Shift Energetically for the Gulf Oil Spill

The recent environmental tragedy that took place on April 20, 2010, in the Gulf of Mexico when BP’s oil rig blew out, pouring oil onto a fragile Louisiana ecosystem at an estimated 210,000 gallons per day, has many people deeply concerned about its effect on the environment and wildlife.

As workers and volunteers struggle to stem the tide of oil physically, energy workers of all modalities and people with no formal experience as lightworkers are asking themselves the same question: How can I help?

Shamanic practitioners of any background can gather to journey for insights and conduct fire ceremonies – perhaps bringing a stick to the fire with prayers of gratitude for the wildlife and environment of the region blown into it.

Reiki practitioners can unite on Facebook in a group called Let’s get 1,000,000 people sending Reiki and healing to the Gulf oil spill.

But what if you’re not a Reiki or shamanic practitioner? What can you do?

Animal communicator Mary Getten, author of Communicating with Orcas, sent out an email (which she has given permission to share) containing some simple steps that anyone can do.

Hi Everyone,

There are many people feeling helpless and angry right now about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. You don’t have to feel that way. I would like to suggest some simple things that you can do to make a difference.

1. Be an armchair environmentalist. Communicate with the animals in that area to let them know about the dangers of getting oiled and where to go to be safe. The birds need to be told that if the water looks like this (show them an oil slick on the surface), that they should keep flying. The dolphins, turtles, fish and other swimming creatures, need to know that if they see an oil slick or dark spot on the surface, they should not come up there. Also if they see a dark mass in the water, they should swim away from it. Step by step instructions are included below.

2. Hold the vision of the gulf being clean and healthy. Don’t hate the oil, love it back into the ground. If enough people connect with the oil (Deva of the oil) and explain that it needs to go back into the earth and seal up the hole where it is escaping, this kind of miracle can happen. Do the visualization/meditation/communication included below.

3. Call and write your senators and representatives in congress, President Obama, and the head of the EPA, Lisa Jackson. Speak from the heart about what this oil is doing to the environment, the economy and our wildlife. Ask them to stop the drilling to prevent more disasters.

Thanks for your help in turning this disaster around. Every little thing that you do WILL make a difference.—Mary


• Each type of animal, plant or mineral, has a Deva or nature spirit that “looks after” all the beings in that group. You can communicate with this Deva, to easily get a message to all the beings of that type. Determine which Deva you want to connect with and what you want to say or express. In this case, you want to let the birds know that they should not land on the water if it has oil on it, the swimming creatures should not surface or swim in those areas, and the bottom dwellers need to march away as well. Tell the dolphins that they can swim south into the Atlantic or the Caribbean and be safe.

• Get quiet. Do a grounding meditation or use some other technique to move into your heart center. Set your intention and call out to the Deva of __________________ (bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, sea birds, etc.). You can also connect with the Deva of the Gulf of Mexico and ask that ALL wildlife be safely moved from the oiled areas, but connecting with the more “specific” devas seems to be more powerful.

• Wait for the energy to come in. If you don’t feel it right away, call again, and ask if the Deva is there.

• Introduce yourself and tell this being why you have contacted them.

• Tell this being about the danger of the oil and urge them to lead the animals to a safe area. Explain what happens if they get oiled. Tell them how much we love and appreciate these beings and how we want them to be safe.

• Acknowledge any communication, feelings, pictures or perceptions you receive.

• If you do not understand something, ask for clarification. Keep asking questions until you understand what you are hearing, seeing or feeling. Keep talking to the Deva until you are sure that you have gotten your message across. Send mental pictures of the dolphins (or whomever) speeding through the water to the unsoiled regions. Apologize for this terrible accident.

• When finished, thank this being for sharing with you and ask if there is anything they would like to tell you, or that you need to hear. See if there is anything else you can do to help.

• Come back to your physical reality and record what you got.

• Do this with as many Devas as you can, as often as you can, and keep sending the mental picture or visual of the animals leaving the oiled areas and being safe elsewhere.


• To create something in your reality, you must see it as you would like it (not as it is). In this case, we want to see the Gulf of Mexico clean and shining, healthy and free of oil.

• To get to this state, we’ll connect with the Deva of the Oil in the Gulf of Mexico as we did in the exercise above. Tell the Deva that the oil now in the Gulf needs to go back into the ground and that the hole must seal itself closed.

• Explain how many creatures are being hurt. Tell the Deva and the oil, that you understand that it means no harm, but that it is creating problems for all the wildlife.

• Sending loving energy to the oil while you visualize it swirling like a tornado in the water, and going back into the hole it came out of.

• Hold this vision for as long as possible, all the while thanking the oil for going back into the ground and telling it how much you love it.

• See the hole in the bottom of the sea closing up.

• Keep sending love to the oil and thanking it for going back into the ground and sealing the hole.

• Do this as often as possible. There is power in numbers and the more that this information/request is made, the quicker and more complete this will happen.

• You can also hold the vision that the humans involved find a simple and easy way to stop this, and ensure that it never happens again.

Thanks so much for using your telepathic abilities to work with the oil and help the wildlife find safe passage to clean areas.

Many Blessings to you,
Mary Getten


Unfortunately sometimes it takes a major tragedy to show us what we truly value.

One of the few positive events stemming from this catastrophe (so far) is California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger withdrew his own proposal to resume oil drilling off California. Hopefully that decision may cause other government officials to make much needed changes in our environmental policies.

In every lesson there is a gift, although it may be difficult to see at first. Perhaps this tragedy is an important opportunity to do things differently.

Join your positive intention with people from all walks of life. Let’s combine our knowledge, wisdom and energy to create positive shift on behalf of the earth and wildlife. United, we all stand.


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Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC is an animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic energy healer, and author. Her classes, sessions, and ceremonial work are inspired by wild and domestic animals who have issued a call to action for personal and global healing.

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    How can the scope of this ecological disaster be met with the silence of prayers- the silence of scientists and political organizations? No celebrity or world leader is willing to call for more action?

    It is time to look to our one world and one life force that unites and sustains us…

    We face challenges larger than corporate entity- larger than national pride or ego.. our home – this one earth is now facing destruction in a singular silence that is truly a crime against not just humanity- but all life forms.

    Where are the voices that could call out for the best minds and resources on the planet to come together and solve a problem that will devastate a huge piece of our planet and ecologies into the future in untold and ways with permanence that we can not yet understand.

    It would be an epic movie— saving the planet by working together, using the best and most immediate resources of the planet.. from all countries. Perhaps a script writer could stir a bit of action—but is it that the President is afraid that some other country would have the skills and tools to limit disaster in the American arena?

    Where are the religious leaders- that we are not asked to pray for creation and see our common fragility?

    God, by whatever the name

    Is saddened for sure

    And each soul shares the blame

    For a silence dishonoring the gift of the earth….

    Use your voice and your prayer
    How much power have the people of this planet given to a single company- which certainly can not pay the bill and restore the planet—? And how much power to a president who has such a national ego that his administration is selling out our planet’s future rather ask for international and immediate assistance and expertise?

  2. Rose, since you have all kinds of linking options on your blog, I will feel free to link to this post on my FB page. Trying to get the message out. Mary’s suggestions are terrific and can be undertaken by anyone. Blessings!

  3. What a LOAD of CRAP!!!! Yep…sitting in the lotus position and ohm’ing our way to solutions while being self proclaimed ARMCHAIR ENVIROMENTALISTS. How about prayers and good efforts towards those who are struggling in the gulf…lively hoods interrupted, lives forever changed through this horrendous loss. Get off your hippie butts and head down there with your work boots on and HELP!!! What a crock people….
    Fairy dust and all! If this is the case how about stopping the earthquake that Depak Chopra has taken credit for because of his super powerful meditations. (stop that Depak!) Volcano’s…famine. You name it.
    Call the Deva’s up and let’s CHANGE THE WORLD! Pa-leeze! GROW UP FAIRY PEOPLE! It is not all about YOU!

    1. Hi Barbara, I apppreciate your passion and caring, I also care deeply about what our country has done to this fragile environment.

      I do not think it is anyone’s intention to recommend that we work on this disaster solely from an energetic perspective. In shamanism, as in other forms of energy healing, you work things through on all four levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual/energetic. The methods suggested in this post are a reminder that we can use all the tools at our disposal to help shift the world, and ourselves, into a better place.

      There are good reasons why I cannot personally travel to the Gulf to help, but I am attempting to do what I can to assist including making my voice heard politically to change how we treat our world in the future. If each of us does what we an, together we can make a difference.

  4. So, if I spread the word…will we see bus loads of Shaman’s along the shores then. Make this stop NOW! On all 4 levels!

    1. Gulf Oil Crisis

      As I understand it (according to others) everything has a deva (Deva?) be it organic (living carbon based stuff – birds/porpoises) and/or inorganic (dead stuff – rocks).

      Why try to solve a problem with a defensive shot gun approach – sending out chi all over the place – telling massive amounts of organic stuff to run and hide?

      I suggest getting in step with the universal cosmic flow (positive) and take the direct offensive approach to resolve this.

      Crude oil is carbon based (made from dead living stuff) so I would think its diva would be a little smarter than a rock.

      Simply send a single massive accumulative thought force to the crude oil deva and tell him/her/it to get their ass back in the ground.

      Problem solved.

  5. I wanted to leave a quick thoughts to say your blog site was great. I discovered it on google lookup right after going through a great deal of other information that was probably not related. I think I might come across this much earlier considering how excellent the content is.

  6. Reblogged this on The Book of Hormones and commented:
    In the world of energies, we do all our magic, if we choose to do so… Not all of us believe in “invisible magic” like this, but if Universe believes in it, why don’t we? We are powerful, magical, multi-dimentional beings of light, and it would be nice if we all were able to remember that… Our intentions, both intentional and unintentional, carry the same energy/force: we should be much more aware of our thoughts and intentions behind them. Intentions move masses of energy.

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