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Animal Rescue Story: Drive-Thru Kittens

Animal Rescue Story: Drive-Thru Kittens

Sharing this true story posted by a woman who fosters for the same rescue I do—Red Rose Animal Rescue (RRAR). It is just one example of what this and other animal rescue organizations deal with every day.

From Red Rose Animal foster Adriana
“I work at Taco Bell. It was about 9 pm, this guy comes through the drive thru, pulls up to the window, and pulls out a kitten (running loose in the car), and asks, “Do you want some kittens?” I took one look and thought I couldn’t leave them…he proceeded to try and hand them to me through the drive thru. I told him to meet me at Taco Bell after my shift at 10. There was three he was trying to find in his car…I asked if he thought they were sick…he said no. As soon as I touched their bellies I knew they were sick. I got them home and they inhaled a can of wet food in 30 seconds and then a second can. I don’t know how long they were in that car for…there was originally 5 but he gave 2 away at Walmart. Why people, why Walmart!?!? So who knows if those will make it…Anyway, these 3 got some meds for worms and are passed out. Poops will be insane tomorrow, kind of nervous, haha. At the end of the photos there is a horrible message from him forgetting to tell me they were throwing up? And eating horrible things [like sawdust from construction in the home]…”

Red Rose Animal Rescue is currently overwhelmed. One woman and her son are trying to deal with a tsunami of kittens plus spaying and neutering 20 cat colonies in an area that DOES NOT have a NO-kill shelter. I asked founder Marcie Dingerson about her latest count: “I’m at over 70 kittens [in my house] and that number is just babies under the spay and neuter mark. They are with mom, and I have 8 bottle babies. I haven’t counted the kittens over the spay and neuter mark. I believe I have 25 or 26 fosters, not all have cats. I have one dog foster. If I did a count between my house and fosters I’m probably at over 200.”

I am begging for help on behalf of our rescue organization.
Please, please, please, we need donations to help all of these cats (fosters welcome, too). Many of these animals have medical needs beyond food and shelter (my three foster cats needed 1000s of dollars of vet care). No donation is too small—even one dollar makes a difference to a cat or dog in need. Click here to donate to Red Rose Animal Rescue.

Whether you can donate at this time or not, please share to help raise awareness about the need to spay and neuter. Thank you!


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