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Scared Semi-Feral Kitten Tamerlan Demonstrates Trust

Scared Semi-Feral Kitten Tamerlan demonstrates trust

As you may be aware, Tamerlan showed up at the Wild Reiki Spa as a starving, semi-feral stray kitten about two weeks ago. He was terrified and very, very thin. Besides feeding him massive meals daily, I’ve been doing my best to build trust in hopes of eventually bringing him inside.

Moving the food bowl to the back door seems to have been a game-changer. Lately, he has been waiting there for breakfast, and this morning not only was he waiting, but he was also meowing to me from outside! This teenage boy was letting me know how hungry he was, and when I put the bowl down and sat with him he almost inhaled the food in his rush to eat. When he was done, he stayed with the empty bowl, looking up at me, letting me know that he was still hungry—trusting that I would understand and give him more (which I did). And he was still hungry even after a second serving, so I went back inside to get him more. While I was doing that, Tamerlan took the huge step of coming into the catio (which he was too fearful of doing yesterday) and sniffing around.

This time when I tipped more food into his bowl I told him that this was the last since I did not want him to explode, lol.

Afterward, Tamerlan stayed near the back door, so that when I went to take out the trash he came to greet me. I tentatively put my hand down to sniff and he came forward and did so. I lightly brushed him with my hand, and he leaned into it!!! Well, it was on. I ran my hand down his body and he loved it, making biscuits in the grass (so sweet). I sat down so that I did not tower over him, making him startle, but he settled down again. He enjoyed quite a few pets, and I could easily feel his ribs; I can only imagine how skeletal he would have felt when we first met.

I asked if he would like some Reiki, and Tamerlan rushed to brush against my hand, so I sent him Reiki while he settled into cat loaf position on the step. I left him comfortably resting while I returned to the house to feed the fosters.

I am so excited! It looks like this young fellow may want to venture inside eventually. He may not need the Cat Shelter after all, but I am glad it is there. Until I can get him checked out, he can have the option of the catio at night if he wishes.

If you would like to help support Tamerlan (he eats a lot!) and the three foster cats with a gift of food, see our Wish List.

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