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A Very Wild Morning At The Wild Rose Café

A Very Wild Morning at the Wild Rose Café

It appears that my invitation to the “wild” turkey that has been cruising West Seattle to come and visit has been fully accepted.

Yesterday I saw her for the first time. More accurately, I heard her first (see The Wild Turkey Comes Calling). After taking some photos I sent Reiki to the situation on her behalf, that she might find what she was seeking. I also told her that she was very welcome to stay in the neighborhood if she wished.

Every day I put nuts out for my crow friend Rogue and the squirrels. Both come calling at my front door. The squirrels can be really pushy, and will bang on the window if they don’t get immediate service. I jokingly refer to my home office as the Wild Rose Café.

This morning I opened my front door to find the turkey standing right there, looking in, and asking for breakfast. Apparently, she had heard the rumors on the street. In the background, Rogue paced, and the squirrels scurried wildly around, unsure about the new addition. Everyone was hungry and eager for service, but what to feed a turkey?

First, I threw out a handful of nuts which everyone rushed for, including the turkey, which was quite a sight. But nuts were not her preferred food of choice, so I went and got a scoop of my special Super No Waste Bird Seed which contains hulled bird seed with peanut bits, whole sunflower hearts, cracked corn and Nyjer seed. While she watched me carefully, I poured out a pile onto the sidewalk, and she gracefully came over to check it out. It was not perfect, but more to her taste than straight nuts.

After she had dined a bit, she walked over and drank out of Rogue’s birdbath, had more breakfast, and then sampled the water from the ground-level birdbath. After that, she wandered on down the street where she had a bit of an interaction with two neighbor cats. It was an interesting dance. They were more curious than anything else, but the turkey was not going to be run out of her territory. One of the cats decided to take up a position behind a shrub, and the turkey slowly advanced on her until she was forced to give up her position.

A little later the turkey returned, warning the squirrels off from HER pile of food. She puffed up to look really intimidating and had a go at them. There was a lot of action at the Café this morning!

By this time Night Sky and Manitou were getting a little impatient for their own breakfast. Normally they get fed first. I had to apologize to them for the upset in routine.

And that routine may have to be adjusted since I have the feeling I may have been adopted. Honestly, I am no longer certain that the turkey is wild, but she is welcome to stay.

She is clucking right outside my front door at the moment. Mail delivery may be interesting…

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