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Breakfast With West Seattle Turkey Admiral Belvidere

Breakfast with West Seattle Turkey Admiral Belvidere

The new norm, apparently! I went to the front door to hand out the usual daily breakfast at the Wild Rose Café to the squirrels and Crow family, and discovered one of the bolder squirrels and free-roaming West Seattle turkey Admiral Belvidere waiting for me at the door. In the photo, the Admiral is looking at the squirrel who is sitting on my mailbox.

It was a bit of a squeeze trying to get the door open without letting the squirrel and Admiral Belvidere in. I had to offer nuts to the squirrel first since he definitely tries to take charge to get what he wants. Thankfully, for once Admiral B was willing to go second in order to get the organic sunflower seeds that she loves.

Next, I fed the Crow Family, placing their food far enough away (I hoped) so that the Admiral would not feel that she had to stage a takeover. It worked for a minute or two, and then she started herding the crows away from HER food. I tried distracting her, but she went right back.

Then she had a bit of roam in my backyard, something I don’t think she had done before. All this time Manitou was at the catio door, meowing to be let out. I did not release him until after the Admiral left the backyard. I wasn’t worried about her, I was worried about Manitou since the Admiral seems to have claimed me and my yard. I did not want her to decide that Manitou needed to be chased out of HER territory. Having to endure an indignity of that magnitude would have crushed Manitou’s self-esteem.

After dining and adventuring, The Admiral had a sip of water from the birdbath and a bit of a rest in a patch of clover in the front yard (where the car paparazzi couldn’t see her).

A fine start to the day!

UPDATE: Admiral Belvidere returned for a late lunch. Manitou was on the front porch, looking somewhat wilted from the heat, so I tried to entice him to come in hoping to avoid a possible confrontation. Unfortunately, I forgot about the 14 lb. escape artist, black cat Night Sky.

He shot out of the door, headed straight for Admiral Belvidere. There would have been great drama if I had not somehow managed to grab Night Sky by his tail just as he was about to launch himself off the edge of the front porch. Admiral B looked up from her lunch, and then resumed dining. We must have been quite a sight with Night Sky still straining forward and me hanging on for dear life to his bushy tail, but in all her travels the Admiral has seen a great deal of cattitude, and was not intimidated.

Thankfully, I was able to scoop up my errant cat without further drama, and return him indoors where he belonged. Catastrophe averted!


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  1. […] Yes, in month 4 on the peninsula, The West Seattle Turkey is still roaming southeast of Admiral. A revisit to Rose De Dan‘s home office resulted in the video above – Rose calls The Turkey “Admiral Belvidere” for the area(s) it’s adopted. As you can see on the video, The Turkey’s visit included a clash with crows. Rose tells the story here. […]

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