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The Wild Turkey Comes Calling

The Wild Turkey Comes Calling

I’m so excited! I finally got to see the very rare wild turkey who has been cruising areas of West Seattle!

I have been following the progression of the wild turkey with great interest. I believe he was first sighted on Alki, which is down the hill from me. Folks said he seemed to be moving North. I really wanted to see him, so I offered an invitation to him to come to our neighborhood (North Admiral), and hoped…

Yesterday, there was a posted sighting on NextDoor, and it was only a few blocks away. I set out with camera in hand, just in case…No luck. However, I did hear of several sightings from nearby neighbors, including my immediate next-door neighbor, who said he had been on their front lawn the previous morning. Darn, he came calling, and I missed him!

Since he seems to have been hanging out in our neighborhood the last few days (based on my conversations with the neighbors), I again let him know that I would love to catch a glimpse of him and took a camera with me for my afternoon walk. No luck.

Tonight, around 7:30 p.m., I heard the very loud and distinct sound of a turkey gobbling! I looked out my front window, which faces 39th and Lander, and there he was in all his puffed-up glory, strutting down the middle of the street, gobbling away, and headed my way! Definitely, he, since only the males gobble. He was issuing a call to any lady turkeys in the nearby vicinity. Poor guy; I sincerely hope he finds his lady love…

He is most definitely wild. As soon as I opened my front door he hightailed it toward the greenbelt that runs behind the houses across the street. The neighbors have seen him fence hopping from yard to yard the last few days.

West Seattle Turkey walking down the sidewalk to the greenbelt.

I waited but did not see him again. I did get to hear him gobbling away for a little while longer. I am so grateful that he came to call (literally), and I hope that he finds the female turkey of his dreams.

I sent some Reiki to the situation on his behalf. Who knows? Perhaps there is a female turkey out there who yearns to move to the suburbs and enjoy the bright lights of the city!

For more stories and videos of West Seattle Turkey’s visits, see the links below.
As you will discover in reading the posts, over time, I have learned that he is definitely a very assertive she, and she is a domestic turkey that must have been let go by someone rather than being wild. In researching, I discovered that the tail feathers of domestic turkeys are tipped in white, whereas their wild cousins are brown for better camouflage.

A Very Wild Morning at the Wild Rose Café

Video: Free roaming West Seattle Turkey Admiral Belvidere stops by

Breakfast with the West Seattle Turkey


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