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Grandmother Buffalo And The Buffalo Jam

Grandmother Buffalo and the Buffalo Jam

I met a Buffalo Elder while carrying the Buffalo Blanket in ceremony in Yellowstone National Park.

We were creeping our way out of a pullout in West Yellowstone into the beginnings of a buffalo jam (when there are so many buffalo on the road the cars can’t get by). The buffalo cow was right next to the driver’s side of our car, looking increasingly alarmed, and calling for her calf. I realized that the line of cars had cut her off, and he was on the passenger side of our car (where I was sitting).

I greeted her with respect, calling her Mama Buffalo. She corrected me, and said that she was a grandmother—which made her a very wise elder from my perspective.

I told Grandmother Buffalo that we would hold space for her—hold the cars behind us back if she wanted to rejoin her calf. She immediately calmed down and looked directly into my eyes with gratitude for understanding and caring, which is when I took this photo.

She rejoined her calf in front of our car, and proceeded down the road at a leisurely pace to join the rest of the herd.

And the rest of the herd took my offer to heart—we ended up sitting there for half an hour while the buffalo families had a party in the road. It was a for-real buffalo jamboree!

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