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Crow Family Calling

Crow Family Calling

Recently, my crow friend Rogue and his wife brought their fledgling to visit me at the Wild Rose Café. Quite an honor, since crows are notoriously protective. Indeed, I have to be very careful right now where I walk when I go outside “my” crows’ territory. Listening for the distinctive sounds of the newly mobile fledglings calling for food helps me choose which side of the street it is safe to walk on, lol.

The youngsters are just learning how wings work, which makes them quite vulnerable since they can’t fly far, nor well. And they are still learning about the many dangers of urban life.

The day before, one of them walked into the street right in front of the car I was a passenger in. The driver thought the young crow would fly away like the adults do, but I connected with him and immediately understood that he was too newly out of the nest to have an awareness that a car could harm him. Thankfully we were able to stop in time. After the car was backed up to give him some space, the young crow resumed crossing the street. If anything had happened to that youngster I would not only have been very sad, I might never have been able to walk (or perhaps live) in the neighborhood without being harassed by understandably devastated parents. Crows are not only intelligent, they have very long memories.

I first became aware that Rogue’s family had arrived as a unit when I heard the youngster loudly calling for food from the pine tree directly outside my front window. He was sitting in the same spot that Rogue has been using lately to get my attention. I quickly grabbed my camera and went outside. While taking photos I made sure to tell Rogue, Mama and youngster just how happy I was that they were there.

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I thought that my presence might affect their behavior since Mama is not as used to me as Rogue, but they carried on with their activities. It felt wonderful to be accepted as a non-threatening friend of the family. I even got to witness Junior’s mealtime.

Rogue was up to his usual antics of dipping and soaking the nuts in the birdbath. At one point he was so immersed, it looked like he was bobbing for apples!

After a bite to eat, Junior joined his dad, and I loved watching him explore. What a gift to be able to watch him grow up! I guess I’m going to have to check in on a name for him and his mom…


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