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"I care not much for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it." — Abraham Lincoln

Animal Reiki Faces

After almost two weeks on the road and in ceremony with lots of animals and people (A Walk on the Wild Side: Answering the Call of the Wild), I returned to consensual reality (my teaching and healing practice), where sadly I had a few tech issues to sort out. One involved getting my computer to resume …Continue reading

Happy Summer Garden

Plants love Reiki and shamanic energy. Happy Summer from my garden! …Continue reading

Bread Ball and Musical Pumpkins

A busy sunny morning in the yard outside.

First the pigeons, a squirrel and the crows gathered in the front yard for a rousing game of chase the bread ball, avidly watched by indoor cats Cougar and Sand.

And in the back yard, four squirrels played musical pumpkins while enjoying a feast of seeds.

Enjoy the show!


You …Continue reading

My Halloween Kiya Bling Photo Shoot


In last year’s My Halloween Kiya I promised my then 16 year-old cat Kiya that if she still wanted to greet trick-or-treaters as we used to do I would be more than happy to carry her to the door with me.

And this year I decided to get into the Halloween spirit myself by dressing up a …Continue reading

Primitive Cats

The weather today has been variable, to say the least. First gray skies, then huge fluffy snowflakes, wet snowflakes, sleet, rain and, eventually, brilliant sunshine with blue skies. Welcome to Spring!

Once the sun came out to stay for a while I opened the front door. The insulated storm door makes the front entry an ideal sunning …Continue reading

Popcorn Kittens

Coco in Fall Garden ©Rose De Dan 2010

My neighbors recently adopted two female kittens that they named Roxy and Coco, and I was fortunate enough to get to visit and take some photos.

As proud parents Keith and Robin supervised, the kittens explored the garden for only the second time. Everything was new and exciting!

Adult cat, …Continue reading

Halloween Fun: Ghosts at the Movies, Witch Dogs and Panther Cats

Panther Prowl ©Rose De Dan 2009

Looking for some unusual Halloween Greeting Cards or Wall Calendars?

Panther Prowl greeting card shows the true primal nature of the housecat as reflected in her shadow (card is available in single or 10-pack.). Photography model is Jewell, a neighbor-cat of mine who is a lot more friendly than she looks …Continue reading

What Do Squirrels Do on Sunny Days?

A Maple Seed, Some Sun, and Thou ©Rose De Dan 2009

My kitchen window affords some fine photo opportunities, and this sunny day was especially fun.

Two young sibling squirrels found themselves a great place to catch some rays—my garage roof. Covered in black asphalt tiles it soaks up warmth, and with a huge maple tree within …Continue reading

Awakening Owl Medicine

©Rose De Dan 2009

I was having one of those days, feeling a little down and very rushed and overwhelmed. As Puma and I were midway through our usual stroll around the neighborhood, I became aware of a small group of teenage boys. They were clustered together by the path that meanders through Whale Tail Park, armed …Continue reading

Dance of the Snow Leopard Cubs

Snow Leopard Cub Pause

This past Saturday I attended an Eye to Eye Tour at the Woodland Park Zoo here in Seattle, WA, which fortuitously coincided with the new exhibit of the very cute new snow leopard cubs. The two cubs were born on Memorial Day to first-time parents, 4-year-old Helen and 3-year-old Tom.

The female cub …Continue reading

Tidings of Joy

Tidings of Joy Puma Christmas Card ©2008 Rose De dan

Still snowy here in Seattle, although the precipitation is now our customary rain, and I am getting caught up on uploading the last of my winter wonderland photos. Our Christmas card, above, features my dog, Puma, on a run across the bridge in Schmitz Park, last old growth forest in Seattle. You can check out the …Continue reading

Winter Solstice Animal Celebrations

Dog Benny plays in the snow ©Rose De Dan

MORE snow yesterday, on December 21st, Winter Solstice, and Puma and I set out on our morning walk into Schmitz Park with camera in tow. When setting out I had thought about walking all the way through the park, but rapidly discovered that a tough crust on the snow made walking very fatiguing, just like aerobic …Continue reading

Northern Cat Lights

Recently I purchased a long-overdue, new computer. My new iMac has sped up my work life immensely, and is a sculptural work of art, for a computer (thanks, Apple and Steve Jobs!). However, it has an additional, and probably unanticipated benefit: my cat, Kiya, loves one of the screen savers.

Originally I had used one of the …Continue reading

Dog Walking in A Winter Wonderland

Puma runs snowy arches in Schmitz Park ©2008 Rose De Dan

Puma runs snowy arches in Schmitz Park ©2008 Rose De Dan

This morning when I woke up I knew, even without my contact lenses in, that something was different. There was a kind of glow coming from the window. I did not have to squint, there was snow on the rooftops! Having lived in Massachusetts for …Continue reading

Blessing for the Animals, and One for the Shaman

Rose De Dan offers Reiki to mini American Eskimo dog Q-tip, Photo: Rhonda Hanley

It has been a whirlwind and a roller coaster last two months! In this month’s newsletter we focus on some of the highlights, as well as a preview of current attractions.

First, thanks to Rhonda Hanley who graciously volunteered her photographic eye, I …Continue reading

Beating the Heat, Pigeon-Style

Alki Pigeons Beat the Heat

These pigeons have the right idea, beating the summer heat by a dip in a puddle created by the sprinklers by the Alki Bathhouse, West Seattle, Washington.

Photo by Rose …Continue reading

got ‘nip?

Dexter lives two doors down from me. Originally he lived diagonally across the yard, but his people moved and he was adopted by my cat-friendly neighbors who are always a soft touch for those left behind. The benefit to me, of course, is that I often end up with extra cat friends who come calling.

Dexter, however, …Continue reading

Tikki, Photographer’s Model

I have many cat friends throughout the neighborhood, Gracie, who I have blogged about before, is one of them. Another is Tikki, the calico cat who lives next door.

I first met Tikki before I met the new human neighbors that she shares a household with. She strolled into my cellar while I was doing laundry, introduced …Continue reading