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Spirit is the Leader: Prayers for Standing Rock

This summer I had a personal experience involving poisoned water that caused me to be much more aware and grateful for the blessings of water every single day. There were times that I had no running water (and that was not fun), but the absolute worst was when the water became highly toxic and vile tasting due to chemical leaching. I could not assuage my own thirst, that of my animals, or indoor or outdoor plants using water from the tap. We existed on bottled drinking water for weeks until the water could be tested and declared safe. So when the protests camps at Standing Rock began coming to my attention I was personally in support of the mission of the water protectors, for in protecting water we protect All Our Relations (which includes us).
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Dog Puma Light Shadow ©Rose De Dan

Jet-Propelled by Spirit: WRSH 2013 Year in Review

As I began the process of reviewing the past year for myself and Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing I thought it would be a simple task – easily organized and tallied. Instead it became a journey with many branches, which finally led me to the realization that I needed to give thanks for all the numerous blessings received from the animals, clients, students, friends, allies, Spirit and more. So, here goes!
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