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My Halloween Kiya Bling Photo Shoot

My Halloween Kiya Bling Photo Shoot

In last year’s My Halloween Kiya I promised my then 16-year-old cat Kiya that if she still wanted to greet trick-or-treaters as we used to do I would be more than happy to carry her to the door with me.

And this year I decided to get into the Halloween spirit myself by dressing up a little. What sparked the idea was a hat I found that had the coolest spider I had ever seen—Grandmother Spider got her bling on!

And that reminded me of how much Kiya loved dressing up (see My Queen Kiya). I recalled that I had some sparkly costume jewelry from my grandmother—with a slight alteration it would fit Kiya, and she would love it.

As I told people about what we would be doing, they asked for photos. I thought sure, that’s a good idea. Well, I forgot about the fact that I can’t be on both sides of the camera at once!

With a little thought and experimentation I managed to surmount most of the obstacles but one—getting Kiya to cooperate. It turns out that Kiya prefers to have the spotlight to herself, and she only works for her other favorite thing besides bling—food!

I did get one shot of the two of us. You can at least see Kiya although she’s a bit blurry. For the rest of the solo shots I dropped a bag of her favorite treats into the chair with her. She alternated between trying to open the bag herself and pleading with me to open it.

I got my shots using only a few tricks, and Kiya finally got her treats!

Happy Halloween from all of us at Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing,
Rose De Dan, Kiya, Sand, Cougar, and Bagheera


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