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Jet-Propelled by Spirit: WRSH 2013 Year in Review

As I began the process of reviewing the past year for myself and Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing I thought it would be a simple task – easily organized and tallied. Instead it became a journey of many paths, which finally led me to the realization that I needed to give thanks for all the numerous blessings received from the animals, clients, students, friends, allies, Spirit and more. So, here goes!

Puma in the Light ©Rose De Dan 2011

Puma in the Light

Saying Good-bye

I began 2013 with a blessing in the form of a special gift from a neighbor in Big Heart Dog Love—a gift which offered me insight into how many animal people supported me in mourning the loss of beloved dog companion Puma, and how kind people can be.

Please Open the Treats


Not long afterward (the day before my birthday in early January to be precise) I received the surprise diagnosis that my cat Kiya had not long to live. For four months Kiya and I danced closely together and grew even closer (and that was a blessing in disguise) until I had to say good-bye and see her off on the rest of her journey. Kiya—you lived life to the fullest and taught me so much, I am a stronger person for knowing you. And she touched many others as well. As I was reviewing my articles for 2013 it became clear that My Diamond Kiya was the most commented-on post of 2013. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who shared their memories and support—I am blessed to know so many wonderful people who understand.



While managing Kiya’s extensive hospice care my cat Bagheera, who had long desired a home without other cats, found his forever home. Saying good-bye to him was hard, but definitely best for all concerned.

At last report he was playing and purring up a storm at his new home, and sleeping with his head on the pillow in between his new moms (-:

Many thanks to rescue organization Kindred Souls Foundation for their assistance.

Manitou on Front Porch ©Rose De Dan

Manitou on Front Porch Photo: ©2013 Rose De Dan

Saying Hello

Manitou entered my life as stray via my back yard in November and in my blog as Guess Who Came to Dinner? Since then I have received quantities of email in response to ANYTHING I post about him. Apparently Kiya is not the only one who has CHARISMA (-:

And he makes another appearance in Cat Blessings and Happy New Year 2014—perhaps I should have called it Guess Who’s Sitting in the Despacho?

Spirit Fire, A Walk on the Wild Side 2013 Photo ©Debbie Noyes

Spirit Fire, A Walk on the Wild Side 2013 Photo ©Debbie Noyes

Jet-Propelled by Spirit

Reviewing the accomplishments of the year I was stunned. When did I find time to sleep? I shifted once again before, during and after A Walk on the Wild Side 2012 at Earthfire Institute in October, and it was clear that projects that had been back-burnered were on, and that Spirit had some new ones lined up!

New ReikiShamanic classes as well as structured levels of training (introductory, intermediate and advanced) were one result—classes and events designed to incorporate the vision of the animals and Spirit create a stronger foundation in energy healing and opportunity for increased personal growth.

Here are some highlights of 2013, in no particular order:

Asian Elephant Master Teacher Suki, ©2013 Rose De Dan

Asian Elephant Master Teacher Suki, Photo ©2013 Rose De Dan

• New 5-part class series Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors began in November, and is a culmination of all the guidance I had received from the animals—what all my training and dedication has led up to. Now I am teaching others how to hold space in a sacred way so that the voices of the animals I had heard for so many years can be heard by many.

Our first field trip was in December and the animals were delighted to welcome all of us! Check out new blog post Photo Documentary: Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors at the Point Defiance Zoo.

got reiki? Pet Tags• Created Reiki Jewelry for Animals (otherwise known as Pet Tags), new designs and styles for medicine bags, new pages and listings for essence mists and smudging supplies as well as complementary energy/shamanic readings to help match the most effective products or essences with the person or animal.

• Partnered with Susan Eirich of Earthfire Institute and the Animal Ambassadors for groundbreaking audio Listening to Wild Animal Voices blending the world of science, storytelling, the voices of the animals and the ancient healing energy of a shamanic journey for a call to action to save the Earth.

Windwalker and Jean Simpson ©Earthfire Institute

Windwalker and Jean Simpson ©Earthfire Institute

• Created a video, The Pachamama Stakes: Race for the Earth, inspired by a shamanic vision in which wild and domestic animals offer us hope, inspiration, and a call to action. Many thanks to Debbie Noyes for her invaluable editing skills and patience with the many changes.

• Audio class Who’s Your Stone Buddy? created to assist those who carry rocks in their pockets in hearing the voices of the Stone People.

• Audio What’s It All About, Reiki? created to answer the question, “What is Reiki?” and offer insights into how Reiki can create positive change and better health for people and animals.

Rose De Dan offers Reiki to goat Tonka and senior cat Viggo ©

Reiki for baby goat Tatonka and senior cat Viggo Photo: ©2013 Annie Marie Musselman

Animal ReikiShamanic 6-month Training Class taught everyone who participated so much (myself included). My deepest gratitude to the wonderful students, animals (blessings also to baby goat Tatonka and cat Viggo, both now in spirit) and the animal rescue organizations that hosted our field trips.

And gratitude also to Annie Marie Musselman, NatGeo photographer and author of newly-published Finding Trust which documents beautiful moments at a WA animal rescue center.

Annie accompanied my class and I on two of our field trips, and the photos she took are amazing. They speak volumes about the spiritual human-animal connection.

Reiki mirroring Photo ©Debbie Noyes

Reiki Mirroring Photo ©201 Debbie Noyes

• Taught the first-ever WRSH Reiki Level 1 Teleclass, and had a wonderful time with the students who hailed from inside and outside the U.S. I felt blessed by the very positive feedback they gave me, which helped to validate the push I got from Spirit to go virtual, and the benefit to the animals. Thanks also to some of my students in the Seattle area who participated in an impromptu photoshoot so that virtual students could see the hand positions demonstrated!

• Partnered with fellow animal communicator Joan Ranquet for Animals As Healers and Teachers at Serenity Equine Rescue in response to a request from the horses. Soon after the event and our ceremonies with the horses I had an amazing experience with a bird in Feathered Trust, and with a butterfly in The Reiki Beneath Her Wings. Shift happens!

Animal Ambassador Alpha Wolf Doba at Woodland Park Zoo ©Rose De Dan 2013

Animal Ambassador Alpha Wolf Doba at Woodland Park Zoo ©Rose De Dan 2013

• In August I held the annual Evening Walk on the Wild Side at the Woodland Park Zoo, where we had more amazing experiences with the wolves, and where I received an important reminder from the dwarf crocodile to ask before assuming. That reminder will be incorporated into all future teachings and events.

Elmo the Lynx, Earthfire Institute ©2013 Rose De Dan

Elmo the Lynx, Earthfire Institute ©2013 Rose De Dan

• Returned to Earthfire Institute for A Walk on the Wild Side: Answering the Call of the Wild 2013 where animals and people had a great time. Attendee Carol McClelland sketched a comprehensive portrait of our time together in Where Was the Natural World in This Conversation? I did a lot of traveling before, during and after the event (3000 miles) as related in The Buffalo Blanket Blessing, Part 1, and received validation that the world is shifting in a positive direction during the event as related in Thanksgiving with the Animals.

Raccoon Chicken Thief ©Rose De Dan www.reikishamanic.comOther Articles of Note

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Orangutan Hammock, Woodland Park Zoo ©Rose De Dan www.reikishamanic.comGuest Bloggers

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Many thanks to students, clients, event attendees, guest bloggers, photographers, animal rescuers—everyone who gives of their time and offers their hearts on behalf of the animals. My life is so enriched and inspired because of all of you!

Blessings to all for a very positive, happy and healthy New Year!
Rose De Dan, Cougar, Sand and Manitou
Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing

Rose De Dan Zoo Animal Mural WPZ www.reikishamanic.coma

Rose De Dan Zoo Animals Mural Woodland Park Zoo ©Debbie Noyes


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©2014 Rose De Dan. All Rights Reserved.


In private practice since 1996, Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing, is an animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic practitioner, author and artist. As an animal shaman she views her mission as one of building bridges between people and animals through healing sessions, classes, ceremonies and events such as A Walk on the Wild Side: Answering the Call of the Wild.

Her book Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki and Shamanism features heartwarming stories about animals and their role in her evolution as an energy worker and shamanic healer.

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  1. Wow, that’s a heckuva lot to do and to deal with in one year. Talk about dedication and stamina! You’ve certainly been keeping your promise to the wolf ambassador.

    I hope you teach HAZAT (Human – Animal Zoo Ambassador Training), or whatever you decide to call it, as soon as possible and to as many as possible, for the sake of earth and all her beings! The faster we bridge the “ALL Our Relations” consciousness gap, the more species we may save. And as you noted, the more ceremony humans do with animals, the more Energy Help powers into action to Shift things!

    Keep up the great work, Rainbow Warrior!

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