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Great Horned Owl Bubbles Asks A Question

Great Horned Owl Bubbles asks a Question

It was the third field trip class for Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors, and we were visiting with old and new ZAA at Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah, WA.

Once again, the weather was incredible—the Wayras came out in full support, sunny and in the 60s. Remarkable for February in the Pacific Northwest! It was especially enjoyable since we’d had what seemed like endless weeks of cloudy, rainy, cool days.

All the animals that were outside were basking in the sun. While we were acknowledged and prayers placed by the ZAA in the prayer sticks, all was done while they soaked up the sun. It would be a look of greeting and ceremony and then back to the very serious business of enjoying the gifts of the day. A lesson to us all!

I was surprised to see Great Horned Owl Bubbles was also sunbathing. I think of owls as being nocturnal, but I guess that does not mean they never see the light of day, lol. Bubbles was perched as close to the wire mesh of her enclosure as she could get, determined not to miss a single ray of lovely sunshine.

Our group sat in front of her for a few minutes, resting and listening for any messages. I focused on dropping into connection with Bubbles and just sharing in the moment. However, the human mind can be a busy place sometimes, and mine took a detour into recalling an earlier encounter that day with Blue Hyacinth Macaw Manduvi. A little back story, several years ago I had an amazing experience with African Grey parrot Max (“A Story for Max, the African Grey” is available in my Storytelling series). Max enjoyed stories so much that when his health declined and he could not come outside, I offered a gift of my Storytelling for Animals and People series to the bird keepers to play for him, and they accepted. What I did not realize was that all the other parrots would hear the stories, too. I did not mind, of course, but on a subsequent visit I was surprised to realize that now all the parrots recognized my voice. It was touching and humbling to feel their recognition and delight. As I stood in front of Macaw Manduvi, I spontaneously decided to re-tell “Cat Scrimmage” which involved myself, six cats, and a mouse.

Great Horned Owl Bubbles side portrait, ©Rose De Dan, ReikiShamanic.comAs my mind recalled that moment with Manduvi, I reviewed the story and wondered why, out of all the stories I could have chosen to tell, why one with cats and a mouse rescue? Just then, I felt Bubbles focus her attention on me like a spotlight. Once she knew that I was listening, she surprised me by asking (with great intensity): “Do you have a mouse?” My dumbfounded response: “What? No.” And then it dawned on me that my energy and mind had been open enough for Bubbles to catch what amounted to a quick replay of the “Cat Scrimmage” story. I apologized for not having a mouse for her (she wanted a real one). Bubbles made a sound of disappointment (out loud). I have never heard her make a sound before, so that made it all the more noteworthy. I felt terrible that I did not have a mouse treat for her, and apologized profusely for accidentally getting her hopes up. Perhaps I can make a small donation toward her “treats” to make it up to her…

Free Gift of Story “Cat Scrimmage”: Grab your coffee or wine, snuggle in with your animal companions (all species welcome), and join my cats and me by the fireside for a cozy listen and find out what happened to the mouse (nothing bad). The entire series includes 32 stories of animal friends, teachers, guides, and healers.


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