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Crow Reiki And Hummingbird Directions

Crow Reiki and Hummingbird Directions

When I went outside this morning to serve breakfast at the Wild Rose Café aka my home office, I noticed that something was wrong with crow Rogue. Although he swooped down near me as he usually did, I saw that he was struggling to maintain his balance.

At first, I thought he had injured his left leg, and offered to send him Reiki if he wished to receive it, which he accepted. While the energy was flowing I was able to see that a toe on his left leg was actually entangled in his feathers, and he was unable to use that leg at all. How that could happen I had no idea, but if Rogue did not manage to figure out how to get himself undone, he would not remain healthy for long.

What to do? I let him know that I was happy to just send Reiki, but if he wanted assistance from my fingers to get untangled, I was willing to help. I shared that I did not want to scare him, so if he wanted help he would have to approach me, and I acknowledged that might be scary. I was crouched down while speaking to him and sending Reiki, and Rogue was about four feet away—his usual comfortable distance. It was hard to watch him struggle, not being able to even extend his leg made him very wobbly.

I got the sense from Rogue that he did trust me, but he felt he could handle it. So, I also sent Reiki to the situation in support and resumed putting breakfast out. Rogue did not allow his temporary infirmity to keep him from snagging his all-time favorite chicken skin, somehow managing to launch skyward with his beak fully laden with food. I imagine eating might require some acrobatic maneuvers.

When I went out a little later, I saw that Rogue was now able to stand on two legs, and I was simultaneously grateful for his cleverness, good health, and the benefits of distance Reiki!

Carrying on with my morning routine, I noticed that one of the hummingbird feeders was quite low on nectar, and the larger one appeared empty. I had enough nectar left in the fridge to fill the smaller of the two. There was not enough left to fill the larger feeder.

While the freshly-made nectar was cooling, I remembered that I had picked up a small hummingbird feeder that you could wear on your finger to hand-feed. I was not prepared to sit outside like a statue that morning, so I thought I would see if my resident male Hummingbird would embrace the new feeder until I could bring the large feeder out again.

But where to put it? The tiny feeder had a stretchy band at the bottom and I had nothing to secure it to, and the band made it wobbly on a flat surface. I finally settled on tucking the tiny feeder into a corner of the Thai Spirit House. I just happened to be outside when Hummingbird came back to discover that his feeder was missing. He obligingly set himself down on the nearby plant hanger and sat still while I explained the situation and POINTED to the tiny feeder about 10 feet away.

Science says that very few species are able to follow the direction of a pointing finger to the object intended. But I was not just pointing, I was also using mental pictures, emotion, and intention. I should not be amazed after all these years of speaking with All My Relations, but I am deeply touched and in awe every time they make it clear that they hear me. The exact moment I communicated where the new feeder was, Hummingbird zipped over to check it out. It apparently met with his approval, because he landed next to it and had a few sips before going on his way. When I returned later with my camera, Hummingbird was happy to demonstrate his ability to sip on the wing.

Before I headed back into the house to start my work day, neighbor cat Nacho added his thoughts by scratch scent-marking the supporting pillar for the Thai Spirit House. Never a dull moment…


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