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Crow Messages

Crow Friend, ©2014 Rose De Dan

Crow Friend, ©2014 Rose De Dan

Every morning I open my door and greet my crow friends Dark Wing and Lavender, and usually offer them food of some kind.

That morning Lavender was sitting on the power line. As soon as the nuts hit the ground Lavender leaped into the air with wings folded. This caused her body to drop a few feet straight down (using the principles of gravity), and then she spread her wings and gracefully glided to her destination.

The crow message I received was this: “When you align yourself in harmony with the natural world you expend less energy in reaching your goals, and when you spread your wings you can trust that you will be supported.”


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©2016 Rose De Dan. All Rights Reserved.

Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC, is an animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic energy healer, and author. Her classes, sessions and ceremonial work are inspired by wild and domestic animals who have issued a call to action for personal and global healing.

Her book Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki and Shamanism features heartwarming stories about animals and their role in her evolution as an energy worker and shamanic healer.

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