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Coyote Medicine Naptime

Coyote Medicine Naptime

There have been moments in my life when I am deeply in awe of the possibilities of life on Pachamama. This is one of them.

The summer day was overcast, and the temperature just right so that my cat Manitou and I could share the lounge chair and catch some snuggle time after the intensity of the preceding weekend.

Manitou was tucked into the crook of my left arm, head facing away from me. I was enjoying rereading a book from the Mercy Thompson series whose featured protagonist is a coyote shifter with a connection to THE Coyote of Native American lore. The one known as the Trickster, but also the Changemaker. Reading material and Coyote energy might have been an influence on events—perhaps we are what we read as much as what we eat or maybe the universe has a sense of humor…or both…

Manitou and I were snuggly, and I dozed off for a little bit. When I opened my eyes I became aware of a sound to my left. Turning my head, I saw that the young squirrel with the short tail (some accident had injured it and eventually the damaged section dropped off) was eating a nut about a foot away from Manitou and I.

I tried not to let my surprise show in my body since Manitou has been known to hunt the squirrels who get too close (with drastic consequences for them). I could not see Manitou’s eyes, but it felt like he was still sleeping, so I relaxed internally and quietly watched Squirrel nosh away.

Once the nut was finished, I expected Squirrel to be on his way. I could not have been more wrong. Instead, Squirrel hopped another foot away and climbed up on the wooden bench next to the lavender plant. He was aware that I was watching, and deliberately positioned his body so that his head was at the corner nearest to the lounge chair so that he was facing Manitou and I, then he laid his head down on his paws and closed his eyes. He was joining us in naptime!

As if the moment was not unique enough, someone nearby began drumming and singing a Native American-style chant. A song you would expect to hear at a pow-wow or during a shamanic journey—not something I’d ever heard in my neighborhood.

I looked left, and Squirrel’s head was still down, eyes half closed, totally relaxed. I looked down at Manitou, also relaxed. And I marveled in the gift of the moment. A human, a semi-domestic cat, and a wild squirrel sharing a moment of harmony. The drumming and chanting soundtrack was the heartbeat of Pachamama, with a dash of spiritual humor.

The drumming stopped, and Manitou slowly woke up. Oblivious to Squirrel (or deliberately ignoring him), Manitou stood up, stretched and gracefully dropped to the grass. Squirrel opened his eyes, stretched, and headed out.

Still reclining on the lounge chair, I continued to marvel at the moment. I did not feel there was one reason for what happened. Rather, it was an accumulation of many moments: my loving relationship with Manitou who showed up as a starving stray who had been abused and who blessed me with his trust; the Reiki and shamanic energy that has played such an important part in my personal healing as well as professional life; the daily care and communication with the animals that visit the Wild Rose Café and Wild Reiki Spa, and all the ceremonies that All My Relations and I have done together (some of it in my backyard). All of these experiences made this one powerful moment of BEING possible—an acknowledgment that Windwalker’s Message for the World is real, and continuing to support healing and positive change.

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