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My Crow Family

My Crow Family

Holy wow! Since Rogue and Mama Crow are now bringing their fledgling, I’ve had to change the opening hours of the Wild Rose Café. The crows now get fed BEFORE I feed my cats, since my cat Manitou goes outside right after his breakfast. I want to be sure that Rogue’s family can eat safely.

This morning I opened my door to a very big surprise…FOUR fledglings sitting in the pine tree waiting for breakfast! Rogue and Mama Crow have a larger family than I thought, lol.

Today, in addition to nuts, I had pizza from an unexpected freezer thaw to hand out. The youngsters are at an age where the parents are not feeding them every time they ask for food in order to encourage them to learn to eat on their own. Apparently that training responsibility is now going to be shared by me. It was humorous to watch them try to figure out what to do with the pieces of pizza.

Not only was pizza on the learning menu, but apparently learning to how to use the bird bath for dipping and sipping is as well. So, Rogue’s little trick will now be passed along to a whole new generation. Thankfully they are territorial, so I don’t think I will need more birdbaths, lol.

I feel humbled by their trust. Not only did Rogue come really close to me (as he usually does), now Mama will too, and today he was joined by one of the fledglings. When other danger threatened they would fly away, but my presence was calmly accepted. Apparently I am one of the family now. My heart is full.

Enjoy the videos. Note, on one video I pan the camera just a little too fast. Hang on for the ride!


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