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Reiki To The Rescue For Native Bumble Bee

Reiki to the Rescue for Native Bumble Bee

One of my biggest surprises when moving to the Pacific Northwest, specifically Seattle, was that there were no screens on the doors or windows. Growing up next to a South Jersey marsh where there are so many biting insects that we were always liberally covered in bug spray, it was inconceivable that you could live a screenless, fresh-air life in the summer and not be constantly on guard during the day.

We are not bugless here. There is plenty of insect life thanks to the garden. Flies and (rarely) a yellow jacket enter the house—both are easily guided out the front door. Once, a hummingbird got lost in my kitchen. But I was surprised to discover a native Bumble Bee flying at the wall in the back of the house. She was very lost, and judging by her slow movements, she was probably energy-deficient since there were no flowers to sip from inside.

I put my hand down next to her, where she rested by the floor grate, and invited her to crawl on. I told Bumble Bee I would take her to where the flowers grew and offered Reiki for the ride. She accepted and stayed on my hand as I walked through the house and out to the garden.

I received guidance that the still-blooming Spanish lavender might offer Bumble Bee a good fill-up of sweet nectar and brought my hand close to a flower in full bloom. Bumble Bee immediately stepped off and excitedly began to feed. I was able to get a video of Bumble Bee before she continued on her way.

Another successful Reiki rescue at the Wild Reiki Spa!


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