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Kitten Night Sky And The Aliens

Kitten Night Sky and the Aliens

I had the most bizarre accident this week, all thanks to eight month-old kitten Night Sky.

It would never have happened if I hadn’t decided to check my email before the power was cut off for the installation of the new telephone pole. I was multitasking, trying to get too many things done before the power cut off time. I was seated at the computer, focused on reading and replying. I had been brushing my hair with a hairbrush before getting distracted by my email.

For more effective typing I’d laid the hairbrush down on the desk next to me, right in the middle of one of the pathways the cats use to get to the window. Night Sky jumped up on the desk, and life suddenly began moving at warp speed. I am not sure if Night Sky’s paws landed on the bristly hairbrush or if he suddenly and unexpectedly encountered an alien where he was not expecting one.

Whatever the reason, Night Sky rocketed upward and because we were on earth and not in space, gravity took over, and he landed on my head—all 10 lbs. of him. Thankfully he did not fully extend his claws, but I felt enough between the impact and the claw tips that I yelped. He ricocheted off my head, crashed into the window, and tore away across the floor where in his panic he knocked over the very heavy cast iron doorstop which caused him to pinball off in another direction. All because of one hairbrush.

Due to car accidents earlier in my life, I have neck and back issues which were having a flare episode BEFORE the Night Sky vs Alien Hairbrush incident. So now I was really multi-tasking: trying to Reiki my scalp (which thankfully was not bleeding), endeavoring to calm Night Sky down, and get my breakfast cooked before I had no power. It was a heck of a way to start the day.

When I finish my personal healing work I will have to do some energy healing work with Night Sky. He freaked out over the cat-shaped cast iron door stop which did not look the same lying on its side—must be an alien. And later, when he walked across the other side of my computer on his way to somewhere he freaked out because the phone was lying there—must be an alien. Definite emotional trauma.

Life with Night Sky is never dull. It is my hope that we survive his kitten phase, and that he does not encounter any more aliens while I am nearby. Perhaps I should consider investing in a crash helmet…

The photo of Night Sky and I was taken by reporter Lindsay Peyton for my recent interview Rose De Dan makes healing animals her business in Westside Seattle.


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