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May News: Interviews In City Dog Magazine And Westside Seattle

May News: Interviews in City Dog Magazine and Westside Seattle

INTERVIEW in City Dog Magazine’s Spring Health + Happiness Section

May has been one crazy, but exciting month! Thanks to Reiki energy and kitten Night Sky, I was interviewed and blessed with a gorgeous 2-page spread in City Dog magazine.

I did my very best to get the messages of the animals out, although I probably need to polish my sound bites a bit.

How I ended up with this honor is that Diane Allerdice had taken Reiki with me several years ago AND she was also my recently adopted kitten Night Sky’s foster mom.

Diane just happened to be having a conversation with the editor of City Dog at a gathering, and the editor asked her if animal communication was a healing modality…the universe works in mysterious ways…

Click here to read the City Dog interview.


BEHIND the SCENES of My Interview with Westside Seattle

So, with the help of my guides, I have been trying to expand outside my comfort zone in order to get the messages from the animals in front of as many people as possible. When the interview in City Dog published, a friend in PR suggested that I do a press release and contact local places (thank you, Relaena).

Enthused, I bypassed the press release part (until later, another story) and informally contacted news editor Lindsay Peyton at Westside Seattle. She was interested, and came to my home office for the interview.

I prayed that kitten Night Sky would behave…Well, he stood on his hind legs, stretched to his full length (which is getting quite substantial) in order to sniff her over thoroughly. I swear he is part bloodhound. After inspection was completed, Night Sky shoved his way halfway into her purse to see if there was anything good in there. Thankfully, she was charmed.

Lindsay was also a very good listener. While there are some slight inaccuracies in the article, she captured the spirit of all I threw at her over the course of about an hour.

When it came time to take the photo I asked Night Sky if he would pose and he agreed. To my surprise, very senior cat Sand wanted to be included (she does not usually opt to be included with Night Sky in pretty much anything) and jumped up into my lap. I was delighted, since I am very aware that my time with her is running out. Another memory to savor. Together Night Sky and Sand helped me look like the cat whisperer!

But Night Sky stole the show. Veteran of my pointing the camera at him, he was not only unfazed, but VERY pleased to be the center of attention so long as I was there for moral support. I moved him around a bit hoping Lindsay would get an angle that captured his incredible eyes. I was also hoping to hide behind him—just a little. I’ve never been that comfortable with being on the other side of the camera, but on behalf of the animals I am trying…

I recall Lindsay saying, “That’s really good!” when I positioned Night Sky so that I was looking through his ears. I had asked him to look directly into the camera, and it felt like he did so.

We wrapped it up, and I thanked her. She told me she’d had fun. A win-win for all!

When the article came out online I was disappointed to see that the accompanying photo had Night Sky looking off to the side. I wondered what had happened to the great shot? But I was very grateful overall.

A few days later Lindsay emailed me to ask had I seen myself on the front cover of the print version? What? She confirmed that the photo I considered the “money shot” was the one that was featured. I was excited and apprehensive. There was no turning back from “being out there.”

Due to my Night-Sky-induced-accident (see Night Sky and the Aliens), it was still difficult for me to walk to buy a copy of Westside Seattle. Diane Allerdice (Night Sky’s foster mom) was kind enough to pick me up a copy to bring by in a few days. She said it was surreal to see the two of us on the newsstand looking at her. That really piqued my curiosity. How big was this photo? In my mind’s-eye our photo would be sharing the front cover with other stories…

I knew that they carried the paper at one of my local grocery stores, but I called to be sure they had copies since it was going to be an effort to get there. Feeling kind of weird asking about my own article I disingenuously asked the kind man who answered if they had a copy of the issue with the cat on the cover. Without even looking he responded, “The one with the woman who talks to animals?” I managed to get out a yes. Just how prominent was this photo? And what was the headline?

As I prepared to take my hike, I thought how weird it was to be buying something with my image on it. Was that egotistical? Maybe I should disguise myself. Dark glasses? Head scarf? Hat? That made me laugh. There was no disguising my bangs, but the store was pretty busy. Hopefully the cashier would not notice.

When I finally did get there I was shocked. The front cover was just Night Sky and I with a banner headline across it that said, “SHE TALKS TO THE ANIMALS.” Oh. My. Stars. I was really out there now.

And for the first time I realized that this animal communicator/healer was holding a black cat—the quintisential icon for a familiar…which I would hasten to add Night Sky is not, except in the sense he likely to get more familiar with me and everyone else than they might be comfortable with!

I quickly glanced around. No one seemed to be looking, so I snapped a quick shot of the newsstand with Night Sky and I on it. How surreal, indeed.

I grabbed two copies, and handed them to the cashier upside down in hopes that she would simply not make the connection.

Purchase safely made, I turned to leave, thinking I was home free.


She quietly said, “That’s you on the cover, isn’t it?”

When I mutely nodded my head, she smiled, and said, “I thought I recognized you. Congratulations on becoming a local celebrity.”

Oh, my.

Click here to read West Seattle’s Rose De Dan makes healing animals her business.


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Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC, is an animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic energy healer, and author. Her classes, sessions and ceremonial work are inspired by wild and domestic animals who have issued a call to action for personal and global healing.

Her book Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki and Shamanism features heartwarming stories about animals and their role in her evolution as an energy worker and shamanic healer.

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