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Update For Reiki And The Harbor Seal

Update for Reiki and the Harbor Seal

After writing the first article Reiki and the Harbor Seal, I sent a link and emailed copies of the seal photos I had taken for documentation purposes to Janette, the volunteer for Seal Sitters.

Yesterday I received this email in reply, “Thanks so much for your help in documenting Eli. Eli ended up having a rough evening. As the night wore on, we witnessed a couple of rather serious coughing sessions. Eli then returned to sea only to make his way up the next set of stairs to the east. Eli visited several of the old steps that evening and the last time we saw Eli his coughing sessions appeared to be growing worse. We are on the look out for him still and we are all hoping for the best.”

So, it seems that Eli, as he appears to have been named, did indeed have need of Reiki personally. Wishing him well I have sent some more Reiki to him and for the situation. Not knowing when he might have need of it, I sent the Reiki back in time (Reiki Level 2 teaches that energy is not bounded by time and space). In accordance with the Reiki concept that the energy is always offered for the highest good of the recipient, letting go of attachment to outcome, the intention included the possibility of the energy being needed for assistance during the dying process.

Finally, I built him a Bridge of Light to help ease his passage into Spirit. Whether he will cross this week, or in the distant future, is now between the universe, Reiki and Eli.


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  1. Think I’ll send him some too – also above space and time, for whenever it is best for him to receive it (and if he wants it, of course). Thanks for the update!

  2. To all Reiki practitioners who read this article, I’d like to suggest that we all send Reiki for the challenges that our oceans and marine wildlife worldwide currently face. Munay, Rose

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