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Baby’s In Black: Another Little Black Kitten Story

Baby’s in Black: Another Little Black Kitten Story

On September 14, Diane Allerdice (one of my students and long-time cat foster) posted the following on my Wild Reiki Forum’s Facebook page:

“Over the weekend I found this sweet girl at our hotel in Prosser, WA looking for some love and again the next morning. It was at that moment I realized she was pregnant. Knowing I have resources and that she was asking for help, I couldn’t just leave her. Yes, I found a cat carrier, loaded her up and took her home with me. She doesn’t have a chip and the vet tech figures she’s a few weeks away. I will foster Midnight and her babies until everyone can be adopted sometime in December. This is going to be an awesome experience and I’m very excited. Midnight is an amazing and sweet girl who is very grateful for the help. She travelled better then any cat I’ve had and has settled into Che D quite fast.

“She quickly accepted Reiki and so did the babies. They were moving in there when my hand was on her belly. I just had to share and putting the word out there that she will be wanting her forever home sometime in November/December.”

Diane included photos of Midnight, and my guides tapped me on the shoulder, and said that there would be a black kitten in her litter that was meant to come live with me. I was both delighted and unsure. Was I making this up just because I missed having a cat posse?

After checking with a shaman friend I received confirmation that I was about to become a new cat mom. And through an incredible sequence of events since I had not been actively looking.

Midnight birthed six kittens on September 25, and Diane included photos along with the message to me that she hoped I knew which one it was since all six were black with no distinguishing characteristics. I scanned the energy and one jumped out from the photo, the kitten closest to the front. Diane said she was pretty sure that was the largest one of the litter.

After my return from A Walk on the Wild Side I was finally able to come by for my first visit.

I was greeted in the hallway by Mama Midnight who was taking a little break. I crouched down to be closer to her and offered major amounts of gratitude and praise for being such a great mother and allowing me to take a look to see her kittens. She placed both her paws on my thigh and lightly scent-marked me. I had received her seal of approval.

At two weeks of age the kittens were roly-poly and quite wobbly on their legs as they tried to figure out how to walk. And with their eyes recently open vision would still be blurry.

As I tried to figure out who was who, Mama Midnight came in and settled herself down right in front of me. As I petted her she eased her head into my hands and began to purr. She had a bit of a head cold, and her time with Diane had taught her exactly how to ask for Reiki! So I offered Reiki while all of the kittens piled on for a nursing session. One of the most beautiful moments of my Reiki life offering Reiki to the entire family.

I took time to admire the kittens, all of whom looked very healthy and quite robust for their age. I joked to Mama Midnight that she must have surely found herself the largest and most handsome of black cat males to go courting with, and she winked at me knowingly.

The next time I returned the kittens were almost four weeks old, and Diane told me that my guy was getting huge. She said he was over a pound already and most kittens were not that large until they were five week of age. She also said he had a large butt which was how she was telling him apart from the others for now.

I greeted Mama Midnight first, and she was happy to see me again. Good food and plenty of it had helped her fill out, and her fur was looking nice and glossy.

After nursing and a power nap, the kittens were much more active and mobile this time around, and I tried to spend a little time with each of them. My kitten decided he liked me, and purred (so wonderful to hear and feel). He also decided to gnaw on my jacket and lick and gnaw my fingers. I think he might be teething, lol. His butt is big, he looks like he is going to be a somewhat fluffy and very stocky guy. Once in a while I would gently touch his back hips on each side and tell him what a cute butt he had. He would get all sassy and kind of dance away (well, as much as you can dance away when you are still learning how legs work).

The last time I did it he ran forward about five feet with his little tail in the air and not a wobble in sight. So cute. And then the coup de grace that made Diane and I laugh. I had been trying to interest the little ones in the fuzzy toy balls that Diane had just put down for them that day. They seemed a tiny bit interested, and would wave a paw vaguely in its direction. After his amazing first run my little guy came running back, scored on a ball and flung it a foot away. Fast learner, I guess. Someday he may grow up to be the worthy opponent that Manitou seeks.

While I was still lying on the floor amongst the kittens, Mama Midnight head-butted me in the forehead twice. I am now a member of the family!

NOTE: Mama Midnight and her babies will eventually be ready for adoption. Midnight is a wonderful, loving and very laid-back cat. I even asked if she was meant for my household, but got a “no.” She will make someone an incredible companion, and so will her kittens. And by the time they are ready, they will be very familiar with Reiki and shamanic healing!

Want to help Midnight raise her kittens? Mama Midnight’s family and all the other fosters/ferals welcome donations: See How You Can Help. Gratitude to FAF and all the hard-working volunteers who make a new life possible for all they rescue!

If you would like to adopt, contact Friends of the Animals Foundation (FAF) and ask to fill out an adoption form.


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Her book Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki and Shamanism features heartwarming stories about animals and their role in her evolution as an energy worker and shamanic healer.

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