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ReikiShamanic Tips For Animal Fears And 4th Of July Fireworks

ReikiShamanic Tips for Animal Fears and 4th of July Fireworks

I have the honor of teaching Reiki to some very wonderful and enthusiastic students who take what they have learned and apply it with extremely positive benefit for all aspects of their lives and the lives of their animal companions.

While the healing energy of Reiki Level 1 is powerful, Reiki Level 2 expands the benefits exponentially by enabling you to be able to send Reiki energy (known as distance healing) to a person/animal, place or situation.

Two of my Reiki students put Reiki to the ultimate test one 4th of July for help with their animals who are afraid of loud noises, and here is what happened.

“Last year was so bad for my dog Charlie, he has always been fearful of noises—if you drop anything on the floor he panics. I sent Reiki to the situation today that Charlie would not get so stressed during the fireworks and as best I could let go of any attachments [to the outcome]. So far he is calm and relaxed and some big ones have gone off already so this was HUGE for him. I sure LOVE Reiki.”—Kathleen Stokell

“I was concerned about my animals and the fireworks noise. Last year they hid in closets and were very nervous. So early in the day I sent Reiki to my entire home with the intent that it (and everything in it) be protected from the fireworks (I was a bit worried about fire too, from a misdirected firework).

“All turned out fine. While one cat did remain much of the time in the closet, he came out to eat and rub against me a couple times. The other one slept at my feet and whenever a BIG noise went off, just lifted her head, stared at me as if to ask “Should I be afraid?” then when I said “no problem,” she went back to sleep. WONDERFUL almost stress free holiday!”—Nancy Rothwell

Tips for Helping Animals Stressed by Fireworks or Other Loud Noises

Clear Your Energy and Your Home: Whether you are a Reiki practitioner or not, your energy and the energy of your space/place is important—clear yourself and your home before, and after, fireworks. I have two videos in series ReikiShamanic Tips for Challenging Times that can help: 1) Space Clearing with Plant Allies, and 2) Clearing with the Stone People.

Energetic Support: Reiki, shamanic and other forms of energy healing/clearing are very helpful. You can also use essences such as Bach’s Rescue Remedy in their water/food (and perhaps your own) and/or mist Vi Miere Panic Relief above your companion 3-4 times daily starting a few days before the holiday and continuing afterward for a few days.

Be Positive: What you focus on expands, and animals feel our energy, so be grounded, and without fear. Animals take their cues from us, if you set your intention that all is well, it will be. Simply say, “We’re fine,” when a boomer goes off, and then put your attention back on what you are doing.

DO NOT pet your companion if they are afraid. Doing so does not reassure them, it sets the behavior and feeds the fear.

DO NOT hover over them or check them constantly to see how they are doing. Pay attention to yourself, and to staying calm and focused.

Tip for all Reiki Level 2 and above practitioners

As summer fireworks season progresses here is my suggestion for all Reiki Level 2 practitioners who love animals and wildlife: send Reiki to a common pool of energy that the animals may draw upon for their support during the fireworks celebrations. Intention is for the highest good—let go of attachment to outcome. The animals say “Thank you” in advance!

*Full disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, commissions help support ceremonies for the animals, animal rescue, and perhaps the occasional gift of catnip for my own cats (they say “thank you” in advance!).


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Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC, is an animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic energy healer, and author. Her classes, sessions and ceremonial work are inspired by wild and domestic animals who have issued a call to action for personal and global healing.

Her book Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki and Shamanism features heartwarming stories about animals and their role in her evolution as an energy worker and shamanic healer.

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