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12 Steps to a Shining Spirit

raccoon-mama-baby-cropsmFeeling dragged down, held back?
Having trouble staying grounded, focused, and centered?
Want to communicate better with animals?

In December of 2008 Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing released the first ever shamanic calendar/workbook created as a 12-step healing process for people and the earth. And we created matching Journals to enable you to deepen your experiences and chart your progress.

Now we’ve paired the theme of each month’s photo and energy healing exercise with a single, powerful crystal/flower essence mist from Vi Miere to increase the shift possibilities. Each mist was chosen shamanically by Rose De Dan, WRSH, to support the particular theme of that month.

In the Calendar, January’s theme is how to keep your energy, your family’s, and that of your companion animals, clear. Daily practices for staying clean in a dirty world help clear hucha, or heavy energy, before it has a chance to settle in to the physical body, thereby creating the potential for physical illness and emotional stress. Clear mist is the paired Vi Miere essence for this purpose. Check out our shamanic gifts for other ways to clear heavy energy.

February’s theme is the ability to stay focused in the present moment, to be fully connected to the Earth. Lack of such connection can result in feeling unfocused, scattered, emotionally overwhelmed, spacey, etc. Ground mist is the paired Vi Miere essence for February. Check out our energy jewelry for other stone allies for staying grounded.

March’s theme is about developing our abilities to connect and communicate with our wild animal and bird neighbors. This ability furthers our connection to ourselves and to the Earth, and can result in powerful shifts in perception and a sense of well-being and reason for being. Communicate mist is the paired Vi Miere essence for March.

The remaining months and their paired mists are listed below. In the coming months we will explore the themes for each in greater depth.

April – Gratitude
– Environmental Oneness
– Wisdom
– Sky
– Serene
– Create
– Manifest
– Transformation
December – Shining Spirit

Vi Miere mists were created to raise our vibration; removing blocks and old, self-defeating patterns that no longer serve us. You don’t have to purchase the Calendar to benefit from any of the Vi Miere mists, compact, affordable, and easy to use, they make great travel companions as we walk through the world each day.

To order or to see the rest of the Vi Miere mists click here. If you have questions or need help with choosing the right mist for you call 206-933-7877, or send an email for a consultation.

COMING SOON! An ebook version of the shamanic workbook/calendar so that you can practice year-round.

Rose De Dan
Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC
Animal and Reiki Art:

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Animal Ambassadors
are calling us to ceremony!

Together we can revolutionize
how we walk on this earth.

Elephants face increasing pressure, all species of tigers are endangered, wolves are under attack, rhinos are facing extinction.

For 6-part series Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors, we will meet with our animal relatives for the purpose of listening, gathering up their prayers and wishes, and then joining them in shamanic ceremony to co-create positive change for all.

And because the zoo animals are ambassadors for their wild relatives, the energetic shift we create together has impact on a global scale.

The animals and I hope you will join us at this time of greatest need.

This class is available as two options:
1) Seattle area field trips
2) Virtual classes for those who are not local.

Registration deadline is November 30 for field trips, and December 6 for virtual classes.

Click here to learn more.

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