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15 Year-Old Cat, Roger, Looking for Love


It is my great honor to know some truly wonderful people and organizations that I come across in the day-to-day operation of my alternative healing practice, but Kindred Souls Foundation based in Steilacoom, WA stands out.

I first met Kelly Nelson, founder of Kindred Souls, at a Psychic Fair, of all places. Somehow I felt drawn to her booth that offered information on her totally volunteer organization, and we struck up a conversation. In the course of that conversation she told me about a street dog that they were trying to rescue, that they called Hobo, and that no one seemed able to catch. I volunteered my services as a “dog whisperer” and animal shaman, and became part of the team, which included both human and canine rescue members.

I was very impressed by the dedication of Kindred Souls Foundation to rescue and foster work combined with alternative healing and training methods, all without benefit of an actual physical facility.

I just received an email from them regarding a senior cat, “Roger,” who needs a foster home/forever home, and was astonished to read that their adoption policy matching senior humans with senior cats includes lifetime veterinary services and transport, and donations of food and cat litter! What a wonderful program!

Here is more information from them, do you know how to help Roger find his new home?

“Roger was found abandoned with no food or shelter. We do not know his history, but do know that he needs a family! Weighing in at a mere 5 lbs when found, he is now a hulking 6 lbs. since being on the Chambers Body Building Circuit! Doctors estimate him to be 15 years old, neutered, FeLV and FIV NEG, and having remarkably normal lab work results.

Roger is currently boarding at CCVH and needs to be moved in to a foster or adoptive home. If you cannot care for him, please help us network to find him a home.

If you know of a senior person who would like the company of a cat, Roger would be a great fit! We do have a senior program open to anyone 72+ where we match senior humans with senior cats. This program is limited to those living locally* as we provide transport to CCVH for medical services throughout the lifetime of the cat. In addition to the medical services and transport, we also provide donations of food and cat litter for the remainder of the cat’s life. Contact us to learn more about this new program.

*Steilacoom/Lakewood/University Place/Dupont, or other local cities in which we have a volunteer who can help with transport.

Contact Kindred Souls Foundation or call 253-226-3135.

Click here for other Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups listed in our Resources section on our website.

Rose De Dan
Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC
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