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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

This year, as you may be aware, the animal family under my care has increased by three foster cats (Jimmy the Grey, Ninja Cat Sadiya, Calico Noctua, and one unexpected outdoor adult tomcat (now named Tamerlin, and a tomcat no longer). It has been a learning curve for us all, but I am very grateful for how much they have enriched my life and how much I have learned from them.

And I have many other blessings and people to be thankful for.

I am beyond grateful that after six months of healing, Jimmy was adopted last weekend by a lovely family (2 adults, and two teenagers, and two male cats). It warmed my heart to see Jimmy melt into the hands of the son, and to know that there would finally be enough people/cats for Jimmy to love and be loved on in return, for he has a very big heart. In addition, I am grateful that Jimmy was officially declared in remission from his diabetes. I am so thankful for all the wonderful folks who donated high-quality food as well as the HempRx (CBD oil) that were an important part of his recovery process.

I am also grateful for all the people who have helped save Tamerlan from starvation by donating food and supplies.

In building trust with Tamerlan, he took over the Catio (much to the disgust of my resident cats Manitou and Night Sky). Because Tamerlan panics when the door is closed, leaving it open led to risky encounters with wildlife while he was trying to sleep. One encounter resulted in an attack by Opossum, perhaps the same one who killed Skunk. The visit by Raccoons was thankfully more humorous than dangerous. They seemed more interested in the cat toys on the Catio. And the visits by Small Opossum were just plain cute. Still, I don’t want to share the Catio with wildlife.

Since I did not have the financial means to cover adding a third cat to my household, I swallowed my pride and create a fundraiser to cover the costs of buying a microchip DualScan Cat Door which will allow me to control which cats come and go and keep wildlife out. It is hoped that the GoFundMe to Keep Stray Cat Tamerlan Safe will also cover the installation costs of the Cat Door as well as Tamerlan’s last vet bill. Donations are still needed, but so thankful for everyone who has contributed. Fingers crossed, the door will be installed next week.

In the meantime, Tamerlan has started to venture into the house. Most of Tamerlan’s adventures are shared on my Patreon page, although a few are on my YouTube channel.

As I say a prayer of thanks for my wonderful friends and family (human and animal), and for my students, clients and readers on this Thanksgiving Day, I will be including thanks for All My Relations, wild and domestic—as I enjoy my “happy meal.”

If you would like to join me, the prayer in Thanksgiving with the Animals is one that that can be said every day—not just on one special day. It offers gratitude for all our Relatives with whom we share this world: Stone People, Plant/Tree People, Animals, Earth, Water, Winds, etc.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Rose, Manitou, Night Sky, Tamerlan, Sadiya, Noctua
Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing

Photo: Service, Please! Starving stray cat Tamerlan waits by the food bowl in hope of seconds. My photos are available as prints, greeting cards, puzzles and other gifts.


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Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC, is an animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic energy healer, and author. Her classes, sessions and ceremonial work are inspired by wild and domestic animals who have issued a call to action for personal and global healing.

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