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The Power of Listening to Animal Voices: lost pony Gemma found through animal communication

Photo credit: King County Search and Rescue

Photo credit: King County Search and Rescue

Last year I met respected author and animal communicator Joan Ranquet. We stayed in touch and she invited me to be on the panel of authors for Our Animals, Our Healers at East West Books last November.

As we planned for the event we realized that we had a mutual mission, to share the messages from the animals and tell their stories. And we wanted the messages to create positive action and healing shifts. So, we decided to co-host an Animal As Healers and Teachers event on July 20.

We scheduled a meeting this week to decide how to blend our personal approaches and skills. Before we began Joan told me the story of her amazing experience on May 28, with lost pony Gemma. Searchers had spent an entire day looking for Gemma, to no avail. The barn owner managed to get in touch with Joan and the information obtained from a brief animal communication conversation with Gemma helped rescuers find her within minutes. The independent-minded Fjord pony was trapped on a ledge down a steep 70-foot ravine.

Joan told me that normally she does not have the opportunity to actually follow-up personally and see what the outcome of a conversation might be. That day she felt compelled to visit the stable in hopes of finding out how Gemma was. What she discovered was a huge team of rescuers working out a plan to safely remove Gemma from the ledge, and several news crews.

Joan stayed to offer support if needed, and while she was waiting she received a text message from one of the news teams asking to speak with her. She texted back, “I think I am right behind you.”

And that is how the universe answered Joan’s prayer and supported her mission to help animals. Thanks to the news media, Joan Ranquet and a spunky little pony named Gemma, the public has one more story that proves that animals can communicate with people—all we need to do is listen.

WATCH Heartwarming VIDEO on King 5 News.


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  1. I love and appreciate Rose’s work so much. She helped us talk with our cat when he was so stressed he was running into walls giving himself black eyes and bruises. We found through her help that he was trying to protect my husband, his “daddy” from some unwelcome energies in our home. Rose was able to clear those energies and help our cat understand that he didn’t need to hurt himself anymore trying to protect his dad. We watched him visibly change as she conversed with him via the phone! We were so grateful for her help and have recommended her to many friends with four-legged family. 🙂

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