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A Hummingbird Christmas And A Gift For My Readers

A Hummingbird Christmas and A Gift for My Readers

For the second Christmas in a row, I hung lights and ornaments on the garland around the front window of my home office instead of having a cut tree.

Of course, decorating anything near the cat tree is always a challenge. Ornaments are hung not only with care but also with durability and temptation in mind. In the past, Manitou has always respected the Christmas decorations, Night Sky, not so much (see Night Sky and the Christmas Tree). This year I apparently hung the little felt unicorn a little too close to the cat tree since I found it on the floor, far, far away. Thankfully, the garland was still in place. Traveling Unicorn was brushed off and relocated to a safer spot.

Since it looks like garland decorating is going to be a yearly tradition, I decided to add something festive to the window. I was looking for a neon-type Christmas tree but settled upon Santa instead. So many children visit the Wild Reiki Café to see the squirrels and birds (right outside my office window) that I thought it would be nice to have the Big Guy there for them. Besides, my neighbor down the street has Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on his roof—it seemed like a good pairing.

Once high-tech Santa was installed, my efforts were rewarded by hearing one little tyke exclaim, “Santa!” as he toddled on by. See the full effect of my Christmas be-dazzled window.

My resident Anna’s Hummingbird also seems to approve of the bright, colorful lights. He spends a lot of time sitting on the branch closest to the window, proudly announcing his presence to all who will listen and keeping a close watch on the nearby second smaller feeder.

Hummingbird even has his own set of Christmas lights. When the weather gets cold, I string lights around the larger main hummingbird feeder by the back door to keep the nectar from freezing. And Hummingbird makes full use of the lights for advertising purposes. I often see him perched on a strand, ready to chase off male rivals or welcome females to his festively-decorated personal nectar parlor.

While Hummingbird chased off a rival male, I asked one female hummingbird who was undaunted by my standing next to the feeder if she was attracted by his boldness. Her answer made me smile, “Not so much. Nectar is good for now, we shall see about the Spring.” Apparently, a well-decorated parlor is not a guarantee.

Uncharacteristically for Seattle, we are expecting a white Christmas. Snow is supposed to start later on Christmas Day and temperatures are going to drop into the teens (wow) for the week. I’m going to dig out another set of lights for Hummingbird, fill the feeder full, and hope for the best. I will also be adding a heater to the Wild Reiki Spa so that wildlife will have at least one unfrozen water source.

I so appreciate the gifts All My Relations offer me year-round. It warms my heart to be able to offer them something in return.

Vintage Christmas Gifts for You

At this festive time of giving and celebration with family, I also wanted to offer all my readers something special to say how much I appreciate your support for this work and your love for the animals.

A Christmas Story: I can’t meet each of you personally to say “thank you,” or send an individual card. But I did select one with all of you in mind. I hope you enjoy this beautiful and nostalgic vintage animated card by Jacquie Lawson.

The True Joy of the Season features my cat Kiya (now in spirit) to go along with the card. Many blessings for fun times and treats with your own animal companions!

The Night Before Christmas Read to Dog and Cat: The poem, “The Night Before Christmas,” was written by Clement C. Moore in 1823, and became a children’s Christmas classic. I recorded it for my niece and nephew, who were 2 and 4 at the time, and they had not yet met their Aunt Rose in person. Two of my animal companions, dog Puma, and cat Saqqara (both now in spirit), were my assistants. Perhaps your animal companions might want to hear it, too!

Blessings, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!
Rose De Dan, Manitou, and Night Sky
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