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Reiki For Personal Healing: A Student’s Journey

Reiki for Personal Healing: A Student’s Journey

When it comes to teaching Reiki classes, I often feel I have the best job in the world since I get to witness how the benefits of Reiki energy healing manifest for each student for their individual highest and best good.

Reiki helps restore physical, emotional, and spiritual balance, while fostering relaxation and peace. This allows the body to do what it does best—stay strong and heal itself.

Recently, student Kim reached out to share her personal healing journey with me. Her story touched my heart, and reminded me of the gratitude I feel on a daily basis for the presence of Reiki in my own life. I asked Kim if she would give me permission to share her story with others, and she kindly agreed.—Rose De Dan

A Reiki Student’s Journey in Personal Healing
by Kim Campbell

When our Reiki 2 class training ended, I wanted to share with you just how much Reiki has transformed my life.

To know how much it’s helped, I have to go over my physical health, which is a lot of information. I have been an athlete my entire life and I’ve always taken care of myself. The first car accident I was in was at the age of 17. I’ve been in a total of 10, only 1 was my fault. That particular accident I fell asleep driving over the pass, flipped and rolled my car, and walked away from something that was basically a miracle. The other accidents were rear-ends or side swipes, and I have permanent injuries from two of those.

Of course, there’s the rheumatoid arthritis (RA). I’m resistant to 80% of the treatments and my RA is aggressive. I also have fibromyalgia, and a chronic respiratory issue, so I had a lung resection in 2018. The RA causes the arthritis in my jaw, inflammation in my G.I., hands, knees and I have spinal stenosis. Also I had a transient ischemic attack (TIA) in 2014 which caused cognitive function loss.

My functionality before I started Reiki Level 1 was not very good. Every day was a struggle, and the medication that I was on caused many unwanted, and damaging, side affects. I had some vision loss, kidney stones, and skin sores—just to name a few. Getting dressed was extremely difficult. I couldn’t lift my own pots and pans to cook.

My hands were a different story as typing, writing, any fine motor skills became nearly impossible. Nothing helped the inflammation. To lose the ability to cook, and the mobility in my hands is something that really depressed me. I needed help grocery shopping because I couldn’t lift certain items, push the grocery cart, or even get the groceries in the house.

My fibromyalgia symptoms were not under control. I had full days where I couldn’t get out of bed, days where my skin was on fire, and clothing was extremely uncomfortable.

Because of my respiratory issue and autoimmune disease I was getting sick constantly, and had to make regular appointments to the infectious disease clinic. They monitored my chronic lung disease.

I’ve struggled with the fallout from my TIA for years, I lost the ability to write, count, short term memory, and some other issues.

When I started Reiki Level 1, and began my daily self-Reiki, there was a major shift.

I decided to stop taking the “black box” medications that they kept prescribing me. I currently wasn’t on one at the time because I had a horrible reaction to the medication I was just prescribed. So I was not in any way stopping a medication without doctor’s orders—he had already stopped the medication. I just made a conscious decision, which included talking to my rheumatologist. I didn’t want to continue to poison my body with medication that I felt were killing me.

After the second week of self-Reiki I noticed that my mood and energy was increasing positively. I became far more active, and was able to regain a lot of the strengths that I had lost.

Over the last few months I can now get dressed with no problem, lift upwards of 30lbs, although I have problems with my hands—it’s extremely tricky with the pain. I regained some mobility in my hands because the inflammation was no longer out of control. And I haven’t been sick, not once, not even a cold.

I can not only walk up the stairs at our house without a problem, but I’m able to go out and spend more of the day walking and being physically active. I have my garden back again, which was another thing that I couldn’t physically handle. The inflammation in my G.I. is gone so I no longer look like I’m five months pregnant all the time, and the extreme discomfort and other symptoms also disappeared. My concentration level increased, too.

Since starting Reiki Level 2, I have no fibromyalgia symptoms at all. I have been completely functional every single day. My memory has never been more clear, and blank spots are starting to fill back in. I remember where I put things in the house, and I can completely recall what occurred the day(s) before.

My spinal stenosis symptoms are almost nonexistent. Some days my lower left side will kick up, but I just spend a little extra time with it during self-Reiki and it subsides.

I am still gaining more physical functionality, such as how much housework I can do in a day. I’m almost completely back to how much I can do before I started getting sick. I obviously make accommodations for my hands and my knees, and the chronic pain is something that I try to work with as much as possible. I can’t possibly list all the ways my life has physically and emotionally improved, and still is improving. One of the most important changes is that as I have started to become whole again, and so has my family.

Knowing that I can use what I learned in Reiki 2 to send energy healing to the situation and what is causing my current pain is going to improve my physical and emotional healing so much more!

As I said, this is a lot—I didn’t even include how much it’s helped my other babies, cat Fabio and dog Jojo.

I can’t wait to see where the road of Reiki takes me next!


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