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ReikiShamanic Motherhood From The Heart

ReikiShamanic Motherhood from the Heart

The photo of Manitou above was taken on a somewhat typical Seattle day—light rain showers interspersed with sun breaks. I had been sitting outside on my lounge chair reading a good book (Of Claws and Fangs by Faith Hunter—I adore Beast character from Jane Yellowrock series), and despite the intermittent rain Manitou snuggled up with me.

However, when I went inside for a moment, Manitou took over the lounge chair. When I returned, he looked so comfortable that I tucked him in with the blanket and ceded the spot to him.

A belated happy Mother’s Day to those who nurture regardless of gender or species! Motherhood comes from the heart…

Motherhood from the Heart

It was my reflections on that very topic that caused me to take the momentous step of reaching out to someone who had posted info that a local cat rescue organization was looking for fosters. Climate change has resulted in an increase in kitten births due to a longer breeding season. In some areas there are kittens almost year round, and rescue organizations are completely overwhelmed.

I spoke with Marcie at Red Rose Animal Rescue (who I will be fostering for), and she said she was taking in a litter a day! She coordinates with shelters and also with folks who are managing cat colonies.

I had a long conversation that day with Marcie and another rescue woman, swapping stories while gathering information. In the process, I realized that I would not be volunteering to foster a boisterous and fun bunch of kittens—I needed to see what I could offer to adult cats that needed more.

Marcie suggested an adult cat who had been rescued from a hoarding situation. The caretaker had died, and the total number of cats was unknown. Four weeks after the original rescue this cat was found, skinny and malnourished and needed time to regain health. I agreed to take her. As the rest of the story emerged, I could feel the energy growing. A week afterward, another cat was miraculously found alive in the same house. It was thought she was the last, that there could not possibly be any still alive. But they put out traps anyway. Someone was there since the traps would be sprung, but empty. Finally, a completely emaciated female cat was rescued. She had somehow managed to survive. In hoarding situations, there are lots of places for a scared cat to hide and never be found. She is a miracle. And when I heard that she was possibly feral as well, I knew that I needed to take all three. I was afraid that Marcie would not let me take them since I was just starting with her, but she was happy to agree. It meant opening up more room for kittens—these three were going to need intensive care for a while.

So, that is how I ended up volunteering to be a foster mom on Mother’s Day. Totally unplanned, but isn’t that how much of my life flows?

And then I realized that I needed to clear the back room to make it ready for them. Now I knew why I had registered for last weekend’s annual West Seattle Community Yard Sale, lol.

My new fosters will arrive this Saturday. It is my intention to utilize all of my skills to help get two of them on the road to their forever homes as soon as possible for their sake as well as that of whoever might need help next.

You might wonder why I only said two. The third cat (rescued last) is a possible feral and is also a calico (in general calicos tend to be quite opinionated). It will be my mission to see if I can socialize her enough (IF she is willing) so that she can have an indoor home or whether she would prefer to be a barn cat. I am about to employ all of my skills with these three on a daily basis: Reiki and shamanic energy healing for emotional/physical well-being and animal communication.

Thankfully, this is not my first time fostering, although it has been quite a while. Some of you might recall a few stories from my book Tails of a Healer, especially one featuring a scrappy little semi-feral female kitten named Little Miss Hiss. She, along with her seven siblings, taught me a lot about how to foster trust and healing. I have no doubt that the three adults arriving soon (two females and one male), will teach me even more. I am certain there will be lots of stories to tell. Stay tuned!

If you would like to learn how to offer Reiki for animals and people (or would like a refresher), I am teaching a virtual, live, six-week Reiki Level 1 class starting May 25. Reiki can help you connect more deeply with animals, restore balance to your life, and increase intuitive skills.

Reiki Level 2 starts May 24 (prerequisite Reiki 1 with a qualified Reiki Master Teacher) and both classes are available worldwide regardless of schedule or time zone.

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them!

And send me an email if you are interested in Animal ReikiShamanic training starting in June.

Enjoy the beauty of the season,
Rose De Dan, Manitou and Night Sky
Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing


Learn how to connect more deeply with animals, restore balance to your life, increase intuitive skills, and help heal the Earth with live Reiki and shamanic teleclasses, available worldwide.


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