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Reiki Shamanic Rescue For A Feathered Unicorn

Reiki Shamanic Rescue for a Feathered Unicorn

You are probably wondering what is so special about this arrangement in the window that I felt I had to take a photo of it. Yesterday, it was blessed with an encounter I could never have dreamt I would have.

It was the end of the work day, and I was almost finished with my last Reiki/shamanic energy healing distance session for a client.

Suddenly, I heard this loud rattling sound, and it was coming from the kitchen. It sort of reminded me of what fan blades might sound like if they were hitting a window.

As I got closer, I saw a blurred shape between the plant pot and the glass bottle. At first I thought it was a large moth, which are sometimes herded into the house by my cat Night Sky, who loves to play with them. It is still summer, so the kitchen door was open to the catio, which only has a wire screen with large openings covering it, which technically means that anyone smaller than a cat can potentially drop in for a visit.

When the blur slowed, then paused, I realized that I was looking at a terrified hummingbird. I was concerned that he might be injured because he did not try to fly up and out of the small enclosure of glass tchotchkes that encircled him. I spoke softly, sharing my emotions of nurturing and caring concern, reassuring him that we would figure this out.

Next, I realized I was going to have to act quickly because my cat Manitou was wading through the plants to try to get to the hummer. Seeing him made me wonder where Night Sky was. Looking around quickly, I realized that Night Sky was afraid of the strange, vibratory sound of wings on the glass and was staying far away, thankfully.

I fended Manitou off (twice, he was very determined), and managed to get him to stay away.

My mesa was active, so sacred space was still open in the shamanic tradition, and my hands pulsed with Reiki energy from the session I had been in the midst of, so I consciously called on all for the rescue. From a place of calm, but energetic, grounded-ness, I whispered to the hummingbird, “You have to trust me” and “I will make sure you get back outside safely.”

Somehow, I managed to extend my hands over the hummingbird without knocking anything over, and then was able to gently cup my hands gently around him. One of his wings was outstretched, and I could not believe how delicate and almost triangular in shape it was. Such power and strength in such a tiny body—I felt like a clumsy giant in comparison. The hummer’s slender, needle-like beak touched my fingers and I was grateful that he was not trying to hurt me with it.

I could also feel his wildly beating heart. I’ve read that hummingbird hearts can go up to 1200 beats per minute, but to actually feel that pulse staggers the mind. It seemed impossible that so small a being could thrive with a racing Ferrari in its chest.

By now we had made it to the door to the back yard, and I faced my last hurdle—how to get the door open when both of my hands were cupped around the now quiet hummingbird?

As a healer and animal communicator, I decided that when in doubt, ask for cooperation. I showed the hummer what I needed to do, and asked that he wait patiently just a little longer. Again, I asked him to trust me. I promised to let him know when it was safe to fly (although I was still unsure if he would be able to).

I lifted my left hand off, holding the still quiet hummingbird in my half-cupped right hand, and managed to get the door open. I simultaneously extended my other hand out and up toward the cedar tree, fully opening it while letting the hummingbird know that now he could fly away. Immediately—to my great relief—he took off, making a beeline to one of the cedar tree branch tips where he perched, loudly venting his feelings to anyone who would listen.

I commiserated with his angst, agreeing that he had quite the adventure to share with everyone. While the hummingbird did not seem to be permanently injured, he was emotionally traumatized and possibly bruised, so I asked if he would like to receive more Reiki energy healing to help soothe mind, body and spirit, and he said, “Yes.”

After about seven minutes the flow of Reiki slowed and stopped. The hummingbird had all he needed. I wished him well, and returned to the house, where I was greeted by a disappointed Manitou and very big-eyed Night Sky (it took him a while to calm down, lol).

Through the open door to the catio, I listened to my unexpected hummingbird guest tweedling away in the cedar, and, not for the first time, I reflected on what a blessing Reiki and shamanism are in my life. With these healing energies/allies by my side and at my fingertips, I don’t feel helpless, there is always something to offer All My Relations in need.

As I revisited the feeling of that small, vibrant hummingbird life nestled in my cupped hands, I marveled at the rare gift of beauty I had unexpectedly received. To be entrusted—just for a moment—with the life of a being so wild, fast, fierce and free was like being allowed to touch a feathered unicorn!


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Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC, is an animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic energy healer, and author. Her classes, sessions and ceremonial work are inspired by wild and domestic animals who have issued a call to action for personal and global healing.

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