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A Hummingbird Named Birch

A Hummingbird Named Birch

My resident male Anna’s hummingbird is a cheeky fellow. He might be small, but he has no fear. And he’s worked out a brilliant solution on what to do on a rainy Seattle day, of which there have been many of late.

I was hearing the signature “tic-tic-tic” sound that hummers make, and it was really loud—loud enough for me to hear it inside the house over the sounds of the rain in the gutters (yes, it was raining that much). So, I went to investigate, and discovered him sitting on the branch of the Pieris shrub which is close to the front window of my office.

Located under the eaves, it is an ideal spot. He can tweedle his little heart out while remaining dry and enjoy the warmth radiating off a very old, poorly insulated wall which is also protected from wind. In addition, the acoustics of the location help him “bounce” his territory songs to a larger audience. Even better, his chosen spot is literally just around the corner from the two hummingbird feeders he has claimed as his. Smart guy!

Later, I asked if he would like a name. He said yes, so we batted some ideas back and forth until he indicated that he wanted a tree name. So I started naming types of local trees (with images), and he chose “Birch.” I told him it was a fine name, and asked him what appealed to him about it. He replied, “Birch trees are flexible when challenged by weather.”

A very smart fellow, indeed, is hummingbird Birch!


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