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Crows Versus Seagull At The Wild Rose Café

Crows versus Seagull at the Wild Rose Café

Every morning, after feeding my cats, I put some nuts out for my Crow Family. Some days there’s something extra.

Today I had half of an Italian sub to share at what I jokingly refer to as the Wild Rose Café. I had already noted that the seagull was perched in his usual spot on a neighbor’s roof, just waiting to swoop down and steal what he could from the bounty set out for the crows.

Some days I attempt to chase him off, but he’s bold and comes right back.

Sometimes the crows and I calculate how close they are comfortable being to me while they eat, and it is usually closer than the seagull is willing to risk. So he will wait just outside that boundary looking for his chance while I stand there like a high school lunch room proctor.

I would not mind feeding the seagull too, but he’s a glutton. I am continually amazed at how quickly he can wolf down everything offered. Nothing seems to be too big, either.

Today I decided to experiment and see what would happen if I scattered the sandwich contents separately. Lunch meat, cheese and bread—who would go for what first?

The seagull was quick off the mark, and made it to the bounty first. He choose the largest piece, which happened to be the bread which made up one side of the sandwich. It was pretty big, but he made short work of scoffing it down.

The crows went for the cheese first. It never ceases to amaze me that they love dairy. They ate some, and broke the rest into smaller pieces which they stacked up so that they could fly away and stash their snack for later. One crow carefully peeled off and discarded a small bit of lettuce I had neglected to remove. They are not fans of healthy greens.

After gulping down the large piece of bread, I expected the seagull to decimate the lunch meat next, instead he grabbed the last half of the bread, and attempted to choke it down. I am guessing he might have been impeded by his bulging crop which still contained the first piece of bread. He persisted, and while he was otherwise engaged, the crows were able to gather the remainder of the sandwich meats in peace, but not without letting the seagull know whose territory it really was.

Still valiantly attempting to get that second piece of bread down, the seagull did not see the crow sneak up behind him. The crow gave the gull’s tail feathers a good, hard tweak. I could not help laughing, so the picture is a little blurry. It was a brilliant move, with his mouth full, there was not much the gull could do but swallow the insult since his beak was still engaged in trying to swallow the bread!

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