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Store Cat Mama Squish Steps Into My Office

Store Cat Mama Squish Steps Into My Office

Gorgeous “Mama Squish” was rescued by Genevieve G. Animal Advocacy (along with her daughter, Dot). Currently her job description is as the store cat for Next to Nature in West Seattle.

Last week I was in the store to purchase some much needed supplies for my own cats. I said “hi” to Squish in passing, but as she was curled up in her “no touch” basket I respected her wishes and kept on going.

Since she is so adorable looking Squish gets a LOT of attention from store shoppers. In the past when I have approached and asked if she would like to be petted she has declined. My perception was that she appreciated my asking, but I sensed that she was having a hard time with all the loving she received—too much energy.

It can be difficult being a star, so instead I would ask Squish if she would like to have her energy field cleared and to that she always said, “Yes.” That was something that could be done discreetly, did not require me to touch her, and I was happy to oblige.

Never in all the many times I have visited the store had Squish ever approached me. But this day was different.

I had placed all my purchases on the counter and the store employee had begun ringing them up when Squish decided to walk my way on the counter. The employee left off ringing up so that she could walk on through. When Squish arrived she sat down in the middle of all the cans and bags of food and without looking at me said, “Yes.” And I realized that Squish had come in to my “office” which this time had walls of canned and freeze-dried cat food.

Stunned, but agreeable, I immediately jumped to do her bidding and offered Reiki and shamanic clearing. Judging by how quickly the flow of energy was moving her body clearly needed it, especially in the area I associated with kidney issues in my cat clients.

Belatedly noticing a sign that said that Squish was ill I asked the employee what her issue was, and sadly received confirmation that she was in renal failure. Experience had shown me that energy healing can make a huge difference in quality of life—so I felt hopeful.

It was definitely one of the more unusual settings in which I have offered Reiki—while Squish sat serenely in position, activity swirled around her. The “walls” of our temporary office were dismantled and returned as the ringing up resumed, and then were systematically taken down as the cat food was bagged up.

Throughout all of this Squish did not bat an eyelash. I asked my friend Jan to take a photo since I felt so honored that Squish had chosen me as her practitioner. And I laughed when Squish looked directly into the camera, enjoying her moment of fame AND Reiki. Her daughter Dot watched us the entire time, laser focused on what was taking place.

Finally I felt the energy slow and stop and Squish said, “Thank you.” Then she jumped off the counter and took a stroll through the store—our “session” was over. I felt so blessed to have shared that time with her that I almost walked out without paying (-:

Squish, you can step into my office, anytime.


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