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A Little Bird Just Knows

Two Sparrows ©Rose De Dan 2010

My Reiki students know how much I love a good Reiki story, and once in a while I receive one that I just have to share. You’ll understand why when you read this one from Cindy Stelzner, a Reiki Master with an open heart and access to healing Reiki energy. Something this little bird just knew.


“Last evening I noticed a bird on my patio who was having a terrible time trying to eat; he had to lay his cheek on the ground and try to scoop up seed fragments. He did manage to eat a bit then flew to the top of a wind chime that is right in front of the slider door.

“This poor guy did not look good, so I sent him Reiki several times during the evening.

“I expected to see him on the ground in the morning, but, lo and behold, he was still there! I gave him more Reiki. In a bit he kinda stumbled down the screen to the ground.

“I got some small seeds and water to put by him, and as I bent down to the ground he crawled into my hand. I first thought that maybe he was confused and set him down. He would have nothing to do with it and crawled into my hand again.

“I brought him into the house, much to the excitement of my dog who gave me that “What did you bring me look?”

“The bird sat in my left hand as I lightly held my right hand over him, making a tent. He loved it, sat still, and took in Reiki like a feathered sponge.

“I built him a bridge of light and just let him rest. After about 20 minutes he started to squirm like he had had enough. I took him outside, and set him down by the seed but he flew into the clematis bush.

“I know the poor guy can’t eat well and may have already passed, but it was just wonderful watching how Reiki can make the last hours of a little bird’s life warm and comfortable.”

—Cindy Stelzner, Tukwila, WA


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