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Growing A Garden With Reiki And Shamanism

Growing a Garden with Reiki and Shamanism

I had a great Mother’s Day weekend, even though I don’t have children. I go by the broader definition of motherhood being a form of nurturing, and I spent two beautiful, sunny, warm days communing with my newly adopted Plant People (from the nursery) and my newly planted seeds that will soon be seedlings. I was up to my elbows in the soil, saving a few worms and even slugs in the potting process. I was sweaty, dirty, and content. And, of course, Reiki and shamanism were involved!

I have found that speaking to the Plant People makes the process even more fun. In figuring out who goes into which location, I ask them about their wishes. Doing so always seems to result in beautiful combinations as well as healthy, happy plants. One zinnia expressed a specific preference for being by the back door. I had the impression that it wanted to have more of my attention since I would see it every time I walked out to the yard. How could I say no?

Once they are tucked into their new home (pot), every Plant Person receives a little Reiki to help welcome them and get them off to a comfortable start (it also minimizes any transplant shock).

Growing Reiki Shamanic Garden Seed Packets and Garden Planting List, ©Rose De Dan,

Planting the seeds is also an interesting process. I love zinnias and cosmos, but I find the varieties carried by most nurseries to be repetitive and boring. So, I have several packets of different varieties, which means that each year, I can only plant about seven pots of each; as a result, one packet lasts for a few years. Before sowing them, I ask the seeds if they are still viable. So far, I keep getting a chorus, so I’ll keep planting them until they are gone or silent.

This year, I apologized to the remaining seeds who will have to wait to realize their potential. It felt a little like that scene in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer where the toys on the Island of Misfit Toys sadly resign themselves to hoping that it will be their turn next year. I’m going to sit with that and see if I need to give the seeds to other gardeners so they don’t have to wait…

Tomato Siletz has first tomato, ©Rose De Dan, ReikiShamanic.comP.S. And my Siletz tomato plant is showing its first tomato, wowza!


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